Donald Trump Jr. Speaks to Sean Hannity About Russian Kookspiracy

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 12, 2017

The Jewish fake news media was in hysterics yesterday foaming at the mouth over the Russian kookspiracy. They’re obviously going for broke on this because they have no idea what else to do.

This latest situation has involved Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya who claimed to have damaging information about Hillary Clinton during the campaign season in 2016.

Trump Jr. released the e-mail chain that led to the meeting on Twitter. Surprisingly, the Jew York Times didn’t lie about this like they’ve lied about everything else relating to this made up Russian kookspiracy nonsense. The e-mails were actually legitimate.

So far, nobody has been able to prove that anything illegal happened. As many people have already pointed out, there is nothing linking Veselnitskaya back to the Russian government. Even if Veselnitskaya turns out to have an association with the Russian government, there would still be nothing illegal about this meeting.

The worst you can say is that it might not have been politically smart for Trump Jr. to have accepted the meeting. Especially since the meeting was arranged by that fat Jew slob Rob Goldstone. In fact, it is possible that Goldstone set this meeting up intentionally to manufacture a future scandal. He seemed to go out of his way to reference Russia in his e-mails to Trump Jr..

It’s also worth noting that this was in the middle of a campaign and it is standard operating procedure for meetings like this to happen. The other side backing Hillary Clinton met with Ukrainians to discuss similar matters and we’ve seen nowhere near the media coverage on that story.

At the end of the day, Veselnitskaya revealed nothing of importance and wasted Trump Jr’s time. There was no action taken as a result of the meeting.

None of this proves that the President of the United States is a Russian asset working for Vladimir Putin. That’s the basic narrative these fake news kikes are trying to push is it not? We are merely seeing selective outrage against Donald Trump and that is why this entire story is fake news. Nothing illegal happened yet they are acting like it is the biggest and most important story ever. Meanwhile, actual crimes committed by Clinton and her cronies are not discussed.

Trump Jr. was on Sean Hannity’s show where he answered several questions pertaining to the meeting. His answers sounded reasonable and it looked as if he was trying to be as transparent as possible. He did admit that he probably would have handled the situation differently if he had to do it over. And unlike Clinton, he actually released his e-mails. Clinton went out of her way to delete hers in violation of the law. Trump Jr. seems to be doing his best to be forthcoming with information. He’s even agreed to testify under oath if needed.

None of this matters though. This won’t be good enough for the fake news Jews. They’ll keep bashing him non-stop while trying to draw out this story as long as they can. This Russian kookspiracy is part and parcel of a real Jewish conspiracy to interfere with the American election results. Jews are the real problem, not the Russians.

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  1. Fear the bowl-faggots. (First thing that came to mind.)

  2. Bruce Fein, the Jew-lawyer and Armenian genocide denier, says, “It’s clear that there was a pattern that was developed where Russians from wherever were systematically contacting and communicating with persons involved in the Trump campaign.”

    Whenever white people do anything “systematically”, it is supposed to be the ultimate evil. Adolf Hitler’s regime is alleged to have “systematically” murdered six gorillian Jews with bug spray, quicklime, pedal-operated brain-bashing machines, steam chambers, diesel fumes, an eagle and a bear, a “building where the floor was electrified in a special way”, etc…

    A few decades prior to that, the New York Times reported on March 25, 1906 that the Berlin-based Jewish publicist Dr. Paul Nathan had a “firm conviction that the Russian Government’s studied policy for the ‘solution’ of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination.”

    So even in 1906 those pesky Russian whites were up to their “systematic” tricks, trying to “exterminate” the poor, persecuted Jews!

    We are supposed to forget the fact that Jews “from wherever” have been “systematically” trying to genocide whites for the last 100 years, since their Bolshevik Revolution.

  3. People are starting to realize that it’s always Jews in the middle of this Kookspiracy. I’ve even heard boomers talking about the Jews in less than flattering terms. Out loud! It is truly a grorious rime to be arive.

  4. heavy hitting analysis.

  5. Trump Jr is an idiot, with a kike wife and a kike shyster, who met with a kike shyster, through a kike intermediary, along with his kike brother-in-law.

  6. Trump needs to go on the offense against these rat fucks

  7. The fact is Donald Trump Jr was contacted by a Russian on behest of a Jew regarding the very corrupt Clinton dealings with Russia which have happened for decades. The Clinton’s and illegal international fundraising and etc. is no big news for anyone who was alive in the 90’s. Point is Trump Jr was contacted by them, his lawyer and a Jew named Goldstone. Concerning the corruption angle it involves Clinton and Russia, not Trump and Russia.

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