Donald Trump Brings Lad Attacked by Jew Antifa at Berkeley on CPAC Stage – But Will He Do Anything About Antifa?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2019

To his credit, Donald Trump brought the lad who was recently assaulted by antifa on Berkeley campus for running a Turning Point USA table up on stage with him at CPAC.

Hayden Williams was attacked last month by a group of men who were clearly working together, called a racist, and threatened with murder as he took some pretty serious punches to the face.

Here’s the clip, for anyone who missed it.

Trump did not bring up Nick Sandmann, however. Which I think is extremely unfortunate.

But credit where due, this was a very nice gesture.

By the way, the ringleader of the attack who threw the punches was arrested this weekend.

You’ll never guess what his name was.

“Zachery Greenberg.”

We’re reaching levels of imagine my shock that shouldn’t even be possible.

What About the Antifa Though, Donald?

There is a much bigger issue here.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed that Greenberg is a member of an antifa – and it probably won’t be, because they won’t investigate that – what happened was an obvious antifa operation.

Greenberg is 28 and not a student of the school, and from the video it is clear that he approached with a crew, and that this was a planned hit on Williams.

This is how these things work:

  1. Someone sees someone doing wrongthink in public
  2. That tattletale posts the wrongthinker’s description and location in some antifa group
  3. The antifa put out a call for someone to go down and shut them up

It is self-evident that this is what happened here.

Antifa is a political terrorist organization which is being allowed to freely operate in the United States by the FBI, due to the FBI’s deep connections with the Jews, in particular the Anti-Defamation League.

We saw with the RAM indictment that the FBI literally cited the website of an actual Antifa terrorist group in their filing.

The FBI has continually refused to prosecute Antifa for anything. Even the ones who got arrested for rioting at the 2017 Trump inauguration had all of these charges dropped. And they were rioting in Washington, DC and literally firebombed a limousine.

All of the felony charges were dropped for the Berkeley professor who smashed a Trump-supporters head in with a bike lock.

The Proud Boys are currently being sentenced for defending themselves after being ambushed and attacked by Antifa in New York.

Even the local cops are now standing down when Antifa take over the streets, presumably at the direction of the FBI.

We all remember that bizarro world event in Portland last fall.

And it goes on and on and on.

So at the very least, you have a complete refusal by the FBI to investigate these people, and when they are investigated because they get arrested by local cops in the act of committing terrorist attacks, the charges are dropped.

But it goes beyond that. The FBI knows that this group plans violent attacks. They post publicly about it constantly. On the website that the FBI cited in their RAM indictment, they post regularly about organizing political terror. And none of that is investigated. There is no RICO investigation, even though this is basically why RICO exists.

And it is very clear that the FBI and Antifa share the same enemies.

So whether or not they’re simply protecting them or actually working directly with them is almost a moot point. The FBI is criminally complicit either way.

And Donald Trump has the ability to order the FBI to investigate Antifa – and to investigate the particularly peculiar nature of this “special relationship” between the two groups.

FBI protection of Antifa has created a situation where it is impossible for Trump supporters to organize in public in pretty much every state in the union. You would think that would be a concern for the president.

When the campaign heats up, and Trump supporters begin trying to hold events again, these people are once again going to be out in force, and they will once again be able to commit violence with impunity – with the protection of the FBI.

Does Trump have a plan to do anything about that?

If he does, he hasn’t mentioned it.

And now would certainly be a great time to get started.