Diversity, Thou Art a Harsh Mistress

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 13, 2018

I am so tired of reading these stories of this disgusting, backwardass Aztec primitive savagery taking place in my country.

Fox News:

Four men raped and drugged a runaway 15-year-old girl over a four-day period in a San Antonio, Texas, apartment and hotel, court records said.

The suspects allegedly kept the teen high on drugs for the duration of her captivity, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

Two of the four suspects – Ray Hernandez Jr., 28, and Alfredo Herrera, 25 – were arrested Thursday and booked into Bexar County Jail on human trafficking and sexual assault charges, the Chronicle reported.

Hernandez met the teen online before pimping her out to friends and strangers, court records said. One suspect, identified as Korey Acosta, 20, had sex with the girl before working with Hernandez to get her working as a prostitute.

The arrangement continued until the girl tried to escape in early May, police said. Hernandez then drove the girl to an apartment on the west side of San Antonio, where they stayed with Acosta, Herrera and another suspect identified as “Coach.”

The girl later told authorities that the men kept her high on drugs for the four days she was with them.

Hernandez and Acosta drove then drove the girl to a hotel and left her alone in a room with Coach, the Chronicle reported, citing information from authorities. Coach allegedly raped her, the affidavit said.

Hernandez, Acosta and Herrera then took the girl back to the apartment, where they raped her repeatedly over the next four days, the affidavit said.

The girl reportedly told the men the drugs had been “making her feel bad,” before she escaped Tuesday. Authorities interviewed the girl and took her to a hospital.

This is the exact type of thing you would expect to happen when you combine this:

With this:

It’s a basic math equation, folks.

Surprise level is less than zero.

Sure, the girl was probably their kinfolk.

But why do we want these sorts of things happening around us?

Is underage sex trafficking one of those “jobs Americans don’t want to do” or is this just “cultural enrichment”?

What is the purpose of having these people here?

Ask yourself: even if the Holocaust happened (it didn’t), does it justify our country being turned into a cesspit of the worst human garbage on earth?

Does that make logical sense to anyone? 

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