Diversity Propaganda Blitz: “Brown People are Scottish Too!”

Diversity Macht Frei
June 8, 2018

Scotland is one of the least “diverse” countries in western Europe, revealed to be 2% brown in the 2001 census and 4% in the census of 2011. Its leaders obviously feel it is missing out on the benefits of diversity and have, consequently, targeted the population for propaganda bombardment.

A favourite technique of diversity propagandists is to find attractive white immigrants, – preferably with blonde hair and blue eyes – and pretend they are typical. Here we see the technique on display in the form of Swiss immigrant Claire Simonetta – no blonde hair, alas, but sporting a nice Scottish accent.

Scotland’s government is led by the SNP (Scottish National Party), surely the most embarrassing excuse for a nationalist party in the history of the world, one that has been progressively infiltrated by Muslims. This is a party that nominally exists to secure the dissolution of the United Kingdom and Scotland’s emergence as an independent state, something it would, in fact, have achieved had it not been for the votes of immigrants. 52.7% of native-born Scots voted for independence in the referendum a few years ago. Immigrants voted overwhelmingly against it and their votes proved decisive in the outcome.

Rather than draw the obvious conclusion that immigrants are bad news, the SNP has chosen to pander to them ever more pathetically. At Prime Minister’s Question Time, every week, they typically ask more questions about migrants than they do about Scotland.

The SNP should be renamed either the PSN (Pseudo-Scottish Nationalists) or the SMP (Scottish Migrants Party).

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  1. The original SNP supported the NSDAP


    The alternative to Scottish independence is to bring in the One Country Two Systems

    The Bailiwick of Guernsey, Bailiwick of Jersey and the Isle of Man are Crown Dependencies which means they have their own government without any interference from the treasonous UK gov!

    Very bizarre how the native Scots wanted their independence, but the 3rd worlders outvoted them!

    Even if Scotland becomes independent, they will retain the monarchy and have their own system similar to Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  2. Boing says:

    SNP are just a bunch of commies intent on flooding jockland with nigs & pakis & destroying the history & culture of jockland.

  3. There should be a true racial nationalist party for Scotland. Unfortunately the UK gov proscribed Scottish Dawn as a so called terrorist organisation.

  4. Led by a woman. Women want attention. She uses a narrative which makes her feel nice; open arms for brown people under attack.

    So that is what you poison. Turn all the good feelz around.

    They don’t care about people. They disregard the feelings and wishes of white Scots in favour of a hostile minority who murdered 15 year old Kris Donald and rape little girls.


  5. TRUE SCOT blowin his pipes


  6. You racist muthafuckas! We build the pyramids 'n shiet…

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