Diversity Expert Claims There is a Problem with “Black Gay Privilege”

Daily Slave
April 3, 2015

It is believed that the concept of  “Black gay privilege” originated with “Men On Film” skits from the 1990s TV show In Living Color.

First off, how does someone become a “diversity expert” let alone a “national diversity expert?”  What type of retarded job is this?

Second, who the hell would come up with something so ridiculous and insane as “Black gay privilege?”

Just read the blurb I posted below and try to follow the logic behind this.  This so-called expert says that Black gay men have advantages over Black straight men and that this is somehow creating issues for all Black men.  Hence there is a problem with “Black gay privilege.”

This is dumb.  Just plain dumb and stupid.  How about we put faggots and queers in concentration camps so these types of arguments and discussions are rendered null and void.

Daily Caller:

According to a “national diversity expert,” there is now a problem of “black gay privilege” within the black community.

In a Huffington Post article titled “Unmasking Black Gay Privilege,” John Fitzgerald Gates argues that black gay men have advantages over black straight men, creating a “harmful microaggression against all black men.”

Gates references a study by Princeton University researcher David S. Pedulla that discusses “offsetting stereotypes.” The research hypothesizes that since black men are stereotyped as being “aggressive and threatening,” and gay men are stereotyped as being “effeminate and weak,” gay black men should experience less discrimination than their straight black and gay white counterparts.

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