Disgusting Mutated Jew Pete Davidson Again Promises to Kill Himself – Turns Out to be Another Jew Lie

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 16, 2018

Every week this disgusting Jew promises to kill himself – and every week he fails to deliver.

This was his latest instagram post, which he made earlier this week before deleting his entire account.

We all want you to do it, Pete. The internet is begging you: take the pills, pull the trigger, do whatever you have to, but just end your sickening, pathetic, evil existence as quickly as possible.

This may be a joke for you, but it isn’t a joke for us.

You get everyone all excited with this “I’m gonna do it this time, guys” – then you just let us down.

In fact, shortly after threatening suicide and then deleting his insta, the obscene Jew took the time to appear on Saturday Night Live.

He should be sitting at home alone, contemplating what he’s done, contemplating the meaninglessness of his evil existence, contemplating how repulsive he is, what a blight he is on humanity.

In a sane world, the Secret Service would arrest him for his vague threats against the life of Donald Trump – such as this one:

And do their best to push him over the edge.

Instead we live in reverseo world, where the entire media is begging him not to pull the trigger and end his abominable life.

Pete, understand me:

No one will ever love you.

Your life will only be suffering.

Every time you threaten to off yourself and don’t do it, you simply confirm to the world what a pathetic coward you are.

Man up.

Make it happen.