Disgusting Colored Chap Urinates on Halloween Candy

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2017

Christopher Burks.

When I was younger, Halloween was my favorite holiday due to the inevitable sugar coma I would be put into.

It still remains my favorite holiday because the season of Autumn is the best time of year in my country, taking place just after the sweltering heat of over 25 Celsius summers and just before the ball-freezing winter of -30 Celsius.

But of course, some Black guy feels the need to piss in my candy corn.


A Toledo man is facing criminal charges, accused of urinating on a department store’s supply of Halloween candy.

Loss prevention officers said Burks was the only person near the candy when the urination occurred, according to court documents.

The store threw the candy in the trash.

Imagine if the store didn’t catch this and you kids ended up eating candy soaked in some Black guy’s piss.

This guy is probably also diseased like most Blacks are, this would have made countless White children extremely sick.