Disgusting Asian Sprays Feces on Supermarket Food

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
October 19, 2017

Pau Hang.

Now, this is just really rude.

Post and Courier:

A disgruntled former contractor walked into a West Ashley Harris Teeter store early Sunday afternoon and attempted to contaminate food products by spraying what police told staffers appeared to be feces on various food items, a store spokesperson said.

Sunday afternoon, Charleston police spokesman Charles Francis called the substance a “brown liquid,” but couldn’t be certain of its origin. Francis said the bottle and its contents will be tested.

Pau S. Hang, 41, was arrested on site, 975 Savannah Highway, and charged with damage to personal property and trespassing after notice.

Robinson said that the affected products were disposed and that the produce and fresh foods departments were being sanitized. The affected departments remained closed as of Sunday afternoon and will not re-open until the store receives approval from the county Department of Health, Robinson added.