Diabolical Kikenrat Russia Hoaxster Shifty Schiff Says Trump’s Spy “Theory” is Propaganda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 29, 2018

The chutzpah of these Asiatic demons!


The top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee on Sunday dismissed claims by President Donald Trump that an FBI informant was used to undermine his presidential campaign.

“There is no evidence to support that spy theory,” Rep. Adam Schiff of California said on ABC’s “This Week.” “This is just … a piece of propaganda the president wants to put out and repeat. And certainly we’ve seen this pattern before.”

Trump has decried what he calls “Spygate,” after revelations that an informant made contact with his campaign as part of an FBI probe into Russian influence in the election. The president has slammed the Justice Department and special counsel Robert Mueller, calling the ongoing investigation an attempt to undermine the validity of his election.

Schiff slammed the administration’s rhetoric and dinged congressional Republicans for being “complicit” in undermining the Justice Department. He noted the appearance of White House lawyer Emmet Flood and chief of staff John Kelly at the start of a briefing he attended last week on the FBI’s investigation.

“They came at the beginning, I think, to send a message from the president that the president expected the Justice Department, essentially, to give these allies of the president’s, these aider and abettors of the president … what they wanted,” Schiff said.

Well, kike.

Here’s the thing.

You’re theory about Russia prompted an investigation that has gone on for more than a year now. And there is no evidence yet.

And we now know that the entire basis of the theory was a document that was faked by Hillary Clinton and intelligence agencies, falsely promoted as real by the head of the CIA. It is now admitted to have been a hoax document.

But the witch hunt continues.

So how about this: how about Trump gets a year long investigation based on his “theory,” and then after that, we compare who came up with the most facts.

You might want to note that Obama’s FBI, at the behest of Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department, has already been found out to have gotten FISA warrants to spy on Trump by presenting a judge with the pissgate file, while knowing that it had been faked by Hillary Clinton and hiding that fact from the FISA judge.

The FISA tap was used to compile files on Trump and his team’s activities that were passed around the White House, ostensibly at the behest of Susan Rice.

The FBI has also admitted to sending in an informant to talk to Trump campaign officials – an informant who appears to have been on loan from the CIA.

This is all ADMITTED.

So I’m confused, a little bit, about which part of Trump’s thing is a “theory.”

But as we have seen, theories warrant massive billion dollar investigations in modern America. So I’m willing to concede it’s a “theory.” But let’s get the investigation rolling, shall we?

Second special counsel.


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