Devious Jew Vermin Abe Foxman Finally Steps Down as Anti-Defamation League Head

Daily Slave
July 20, 2015

The evil Jew Abe Foxman made a career out of spreading anti-German hate and lies about 60 trillion bars of Jew soap.

The devious Jew vermin Abe Foxman is finally stepping down as the head of the Anti-Defamation League.  The ADL for many years has promoted anti-German hate by comically claiming that Germans turned 60 trillion Jews into bars of soap during World War II.  As ridiculous as this sounds, Foxman and his Jew cronies have spent many decades insisting that this retarded Jew Holocaust hoax is real in order to demonize the German people.

At least we will no longer have to listen to this disgusting Jew whine and cry about how Jews are allegedly being victimized.  Unfortunately, Foxman will just be replaced with another lying Jew that will continue to push their disgusting agenda of anti-German hate.  The ADL is a subversive organization pushing Jewish supremacy that should be dismantled with its assets seized.


Over 28 years as head of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman emerged as a forceful torchbearer for American Jews. He counseled presidents and diplomats, CEOs and celebrities. He took on prominent figures over anti-Semitic remarks or representations — actor Mel Gibson among them — and accepted any ensuing apologies on behalf of an entire community. No other U.S. Jewish leader has wielded as much influence with policymakers, faith leaders and U.S. Jews.

On Monday, Foxman retires as national director, a major moment of transition in American Jewish life that raises questions about the future of the organization known as the ADL.

Foxman, 75, spoke to The Associated Press on Wednesday amid the partially packed file boxes and memorabilia in his Manhattan office. He talked anti-Semitism and Israel, took on his critics, and reflected on the past and future of an organization he helped mold.

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