Denmark: Top Shitlord Politician Calls for Moslem Ban

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2016


Denmark is doing fine without Moslems.

Nope, it isn’t Natt.

Although Natt has called for the same thing – and much worse.


A leading member of Denmark’s second-largest party, the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, called on Thursday for the country to deny entry to Muslim asylum seekers.

Speaking to the Berlingske newspaper, the party’s deputy leader Soeren Espersen said that Muslim migrants should be barred from entering Denmark for up to six years. Denmark needs “a respite after recent terrorist attacks in Europe,” he said.


This is the exact grin he had on his face when he called for kebab removal.

However, the leader of the Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, along with partners in the ruling Liberal party, questioned the proposal. They said that their respective parties do want to discriminate against migrants based on religion.


Who cares about their feelings???


Yo – it’s a rhetorical question, Dahl!

If you would do more muscley-White-guys-in-Black-t-shirt rallies, we could mitigate the female desire for a taste of the Mediterranean!


You yourself could in fact hit the gym, maybe get a scorpion tattooed on your neck.

It also wouldn’t hurt to start singing monster ballads at rallies, Dahl.

You’re never going to convince women that you’re “not super-hardcore Nazis.”

They have a biological incapacity to comprehend intellectual nuance.

You have to go straight for the panty-dropper.

Hit the gym, get the tattoo, sing the Skidrow song and call for expulsion of all non-Whites under Danelaw.

We don’t have time for this faggoty white knighting.