Denmark: Racism Behind Arrests of Migrants for Gang-Rape?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 16, 2018

Migrants: They come in peace. They are escaping a brutal civil war in Syria. They will pay our pensions. They are going to work in high tech. They have the ability to manipulate space and time with their thoughts. Why do you hate the color of their skin?

Police racism almost took down OJ Simpson.

I’m not surprised they’re after innocent migratory Islamic-terrorist gang-rapists now.

Having police at all is a form of white supremacy.

Voice of Europe:

Six boys with migrant backgrounds have been charged with rape or the attempted rape of five young girls in Hørsholm, Nivå and Kokkedal, Denmark’s BT reports. 

Nordsjællands Police are currently investigating a number of alleged rapes of girls in Nivå, Kokkedal and Hørsholm last year. Meanwhile, the local parents are scared and watch their children carefully.

According to the allegations, several of the assaults took place in Holmegårdsvej in Kokkedal.

The boys plead not guilty and no action has yet been brought in the cases. The girls had to perform oral sex and others were raped. The youngest of the girls were only 13-years-old.

“There was no rape. If you’re with a girl at her home, it’s not rape like if you grab a girl outdoors and force her down. She lied and the charges are exaggerated,” a father of one of the boys says.

One of the boy’s mothers says ‘racism’ is behind the accusations.

“I cry when I think of him. I only have him. He is really sweet and polite, and he does not bother (..) Suddenly, the police comes and takes him. Now I want to understand why. I think it’s strange. Perhaps she [the victim]is racist or has something against foreigners,” the mother says.

We know from the OJ case that police will literally fabricate DNA to frame innocent brown people.

It just makes me sick, these racists.

Can you even imagine hating someone for no other reason than the color of their skin, even though they are exactly like you in every other way?

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  1. Bon says:

    No wonder those poor victims of color are protesting - in English, no less.

    Denmark’s Most Wanted - obviously created to further debase and frame innocent refugees and POCs.

  2. LOL this reminds me of the Roosh “make rape legal if it’s on your property” troll. Is Muzzrat dad onto something? Maybe if these whores knew they could be legally raped if they let the sand niggers in their apartments, they’d be a little less eager to purse them.

    j/k women are fucking retarded

  3. Donny says:

    It was in the girl’s homes? How did these animals get in there? If there was no break in, then is it rape? Not all whites are smart. Some are obviously crazy.

  4. anyone remember when the news anchor used to just be like “This is what happened today”

    i am sick of all this “You shall absorb my opinion” news pieces.

  5. Normally I would agree but these girls were 13 and 14 years old. Is that legal in Denmark ? What is age of consent and how old is boy?

  6. I wonder who would want to weaponize the media by running a monopoly and shoving subversive anti-White propaganda down White peoples throats? Hmmmm

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