Denmark: A Handshake is Racial Abuse of Islamic Jihadists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 21, 2018

I don’t understand why Moslems are becoming citizens of Denmark.

No one seems to be able to explain why that is a thing.

But it is happening, and anything which could impede on the process is pure evil.


Danish lawmakers have approved a government-backed proposal to make citizenship applicants shake hands with the official conducting the naturalization ceremony. The bill has been criticized for discriminating against Muslims.

The new citizenship bill has been the subject of a heated debate since last summer. It requires those applying for Danish citizenship to commit to the country’s values and to show respect for its government by shaking hands with its representative.

Critics of the bill argue that it’s aimed at discouraging Muslims from seeking Danish citizenship, calling the proposal discriminatory and describing it as an unnecessary formality.

Every aspect of our culture is an “unnecessary formality.” That is what cultures are made up of. Rituals that have no specific purpose of their own, but form a tapestry to bind people together.

And what we are being told is that other cultures are better than our culture, so people from other countries should replace us and replace our culture with their own.

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  1. The fate of Europe has been sealed in stone: only a series of continental civil wars will reverse the damage that’s been done.

  2. (((They))) are telling us we don’t own our land and we have no right to tell other slaves of (((theirs))) how to behave in the land… because we are equals meaning just as much slaves as anyone else, slaves to the system. A factory worker wouldn’t be able to rule how other workers should act socially or rule anything for that matter…

  3. If a Muslim shakes your hand, wash it immediately, drench the hand in hand sanitizer and light it on fire. These people wipe their assets with their hands and have many desert born viruses and parasites

  4. There is a book “by way of deception” written by an ex Mossad guy. He says the Danish think Mossad gives Denmark special treatment because Danes saved Jews from near certain lampshading in WW2. The Mossad guy said they consider Danish intelligence faggots and give them nothing, while Mossad has a guy in their office translating Haji conversations. Denmark only learns what Mossad wants them to know.

  5. Should make them eat bacon and kiss a pig’s ass.

  6. How about just sterilize anyone on welfare or any non-Whites that want citizenship? Sure, let them live comfortably until they are dead and gone forever. It’s about time for government policy that isn’t dysgenic.

  7. The Danes should string up 10000 moslems and saw them down the middle for what the bastards did to those two White women.

  8. Dexter says:

    There will be blood.

  9. Dexter says:

    If every Muslim-invasion enabling politician and bureaucrat were simultaneously dragged out of their house in the pre-dawn hours and hung from the nearest lamppost the mass exodus of goat fuckers would be quick and painless.

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