Democrats Block Fox News From Hosting Democrat Debate – Trump Says He’ll Only Do Fox Debate in General Election

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2019



US President Donald Trump is threatening to boycott mainstream media by refusing to appear on their airwaves during the 2020 debates, after Democrats said they’d bar Fox News from hosting its own debates.

Trump declared he wouldn’t participate in debates hosted by “Fake News Networks” during the 2020 campaign season, in retaliation for Democrats’ announcement they would refuse to allow Fox News to moderate any of their party’s debates.

I think Trump is going to need as many debates as he can get in the general election.

Right now, things are not looking great for him.

Or maybe they are.

Maybe people like his new direction.

I don’t know.

Maybe he would have gotten elected on a platform like the one he’s on now.

No one ever accused conservatives of being intelligent or caring about their own survival. Maybe they like war in South America, endless Jew gibberish and “WE NEED PEOPLE.”

There is just so little honest information available in terms of statistics, that it is impossible to know anything about what the general public is thinking.

We still don’t know if people voted for Trump or just voted against Hillary Clinton. There is just no way to figure things like that out when the media just flat-out refuses to tell the truth about anything.

We do know Trump won the primaries, so we are certain that a dedicated group exists that is devoted to the “America First” agenda, but that is pretty much all we know. Furthermore, it could have been the power of Trump’s personality, and the extent of the mass media coverage, rather than the specifics of his platform, that won him the primaries.

I don’t know and anyone who says they know is lying because the data simply doesn’t exist.

I am 100% certain Trump will do all the debates, however. If only because he enjoys being in the spotlight and arguing with people.

If he’s running on the CPAC 2019 platform though, this shit isn’t even going to be worth watching. I do not give a fuck about “socialism.” This is not a real threat, because the Democrat Party is a fully corporate shill party which won’t ever allow socialism. This is all just a gigantic stupid media hoax.