Demented Mongrel Charged with Murdering His White Grandmother, Landlord

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2019

Katerine Aubain with her grandson and killer, Naythen Aubain.

Katerine tolerated her daughter (it’s usually the daughter) mating with a colored and giving her a mongrel grandchild, and now she’s paid the price.

No photo has been released of the landlord, but she was the only true victim here as far as I’m concerned.

CNY Central:

A Utica man is facing murder charges in the deaths of his grandmother and landlord.

Naythen Aubain, 29, was released from the hospital Tuesday and was arraigned Tuesday evening on two counts of murder in the 1st Degree.

“One of the aggravating factors is multiple homicides, so if you kill more than one person within the same criminal transaction that makes a ‘Murder Second’ into a Murder in the First,” Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said.

Aubain was brought into his arraignment wearing a spit shield and was forced into a restraining chair during it.

He interrupted the judge several times, saying:

I did it. I chopped her up.

I’ll chop anyone up who disrespects Jesus Christ.

Investigators believe Aubain killed his landlord, now identified as 87-year-old Jane Wentka, who lived downstairs at 1147 Tilden Ave. in Utica, and his grandmother, Katerine Aubain, 90, who he lived in the upstairs apartment. McNamara said Aubain moved in about a year ago. They believe he has some kind of mental illness.