Daily Stormer: Now Dawns the Algerian Age

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 27, 2017

O, Algeria. Blessings be upon thee. May your fallalfels remain always fluffy. And may your border with Niger stay forever secure. 

A new domain dawns.

Following the brutal and disgusting imprisonment of dailystormer.com, the weary Stormers entered the Age of the Wang. Then came the Russian Age. Then came the time of the Great Punishment.

Now dawns the Algerian Age.

We were assisted by the royal elite ruling class of Algeria, who said they wanted to help us because they “1488% agree” with our “radical agenda to exterminate kikes,” adding that they “also really hate niggers lol.”

I personally made the trip from my base in Nigeria to meet with the king of Algeria – King Abdullah Muhammed Jihad.

King Abdullah Muhammed Jihad, King of Algeria

King Abdullah agreed to give us a domain on one condition: that I marry his 16-year-old daughter, Fatima Abdullah Muhammed Bin Jihad, “in order to save her from a cursed life as a call center operative and stock photo model.”

Princess Fatima Abdullah Muhammed Bin Jihad, wife of famous Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Andrew Anglin

I was married to Princess Fatima in a secret jihadi ceremony last night by Mulluh Muhammed Abdullah Islamic Koran, before we were whisked away in a Nigerian military helicopter back to my compound.

As a Neo-Nazi White Supremacist, I was obviously very uncomfortable with this Islamic jihadi marriage to an Arab – even a princess. However, I had no choice in the matter: I must give my life feeding and servicing this Arabian call center princess in order that the site may live.

Also, I sent her photo to Jared Taylor who without even a delicate pause rapidly exclaimed: “looks huwhite to me!”

King Abdullah Muhammed Jihad has assured me that the site will stay online “until I have a heart attack and my kike-loving son, Jerusalem Jarmusha bin Jihad, claims the throne of Algeria.”

However, judging by the way he was scarfing down grilled halloumi and lentil fritters at my secret jihadi wedding, that could be within the week.

So don’t get too comfortable.

In the event that the king dies, my blood contract with him stipulates that I cannot “sell Princess Fatima Abdullah Muhammed Bin Jihad to a vicious band of roving camel herders,” according to my Nigerian friend who says he can read Arabic. I think that means we can get a divorce, or that I can just like, change the locks.

I hope she isn’t reading this… lol, just joking. She can’t read English. nb4 Google Translate – she can’t even read her own language. In Algeria, it is forbidden to teach women to read, for fear that they might “learn sorcery.” Clever people, the Algerians. More clever than whites, I can tell you that. All this bitch does is ask me “what me do now for you?” over and over again – even though she can’t understand my responses. I use hand signals. As I write this, she’s trying to shine my New Balances, without me even asking her to – just because I told her to stop asking me what to do, that I didn’t know.

Just imagine for a second if white women acted like that, where our race would be…

مرحبا النصر!