Daily Mail Outs Vodafone as Official Telecom Provider of Neo-Nazis

Daily Stormer
February 26, 2017

We can claim another company! 2017 just keeps getting better and better.

Daily Mail recently took the time to inform normies of all the scary secret racist symbols that members of the far-right use in order to identify each other and spread hatred.

Daily Mail:

For decades far-right extremists have used well-worn symbols like the swastika and the white cross to signify their affiliation to racist causes.

But as right-wing US hate groups have risen in prominence over the past year, their members have found themselves looking for new ways to show their allegiance without being spurned by society.

While some racists sport swastikas and other symbols in order to intimidate or openly proclaim affiliations, others want to continue operating in mainstream society, undetected by those not in the know.

They now have new symbols, deliberately chosen to look innocuous. Some are adaptations of existing racist images; some have been co-opted from benign cultures.

That means not everyone sporting them on tattoos or clothing is an extremist – some may have worn them because of their original meaning, or may just have a symbol that is similar to these, but different.

However, these are the hateful new icons now circulating in extremist groups.

They singled out the following symbols:

‘The new swastika: the Othala rune’

The Othala rune (Šõü) represents the concepts of ‘homeland‘ or ‘inheritance‘ and was used by Nazis – with ‘wings’ added to its bottom – by an SS infantry division in the Second World War.

The Othala is now gaining in popularity with neo-Nazis since the US National Socialist Movement announced last year that it was making the rune its new official symbol.

However, the ADL notes that the rune can be found in non-extremist contexts too, such as when used by pagans who write in the old alphabet.

‘The secret dice code’

To the untrained eye, these may look like a perfectly ordinary pair of dice.

But the truth is that their dots hold a secret neo-Nazi code.

The first die shows one and four dots – representing the number 14. The second has five and three dots – which add up to eight.
Together, they form the hate code ‘1488‘.

‘The lettered grave’

They use initials of prominent white supremacists, fascists or other similar figures to show their views.

In this example, the initials ‘RJM‘ represent Robert Jay Mathews, an American neo-Nazi terrorist and the leader of American white supremacist militant group The Order.

He died in a gunfight with law enforcement agents in 1984.

But there was one¬†symbol they brought attention to that really caught my eye…

A symbol that I see plastered pretty much everywhere.

A symbol that I see on a daily basis.

A symbol that¬†is heavily funded by thousands of people…


The Ku Klux Klan created its emblem – which it terms the ‘MIOAK,’ or ‘Mystic Insignia of a Klansman’ – in the early 1900s.

Originally the symbol was of four white K’s on a red circle, with a yin-yang symbol in the center.

Over time the Ks were realigned and became a white cross, while the yin-yang symbol lost its white half and became a single red swirl.

They then decided the ‘blood drop‘ would represent the blood they imagined would be shed in ‘defense of the white race,‘ the ADL says.

Look familiar?

So how possible is it that Vodafone is secretly (or very openly) a Neo-Nazi company?

I checked the Vodafone website and surprisingly failed to find any echo worthy names on The Board...

…or¬†Executive Committee...

As you can see this is company is clearly heavily operated by white people with only a few exceptions

After doing some googling I came to uncover¬†something else¬†that’s also extremely interesting, which is that Vodafone took over the former German company Mannesmann¬†back in the year 2000 .

And that’s important¬†because this guy was literally the chairman of Mannesmann from 1957 to 1966.

Wilhelm Zangen¬†was a nazi party activist who¬†was imprisoned for several years his use of slave labor and ‘involvement in arming the Nazi regime.

This is the company Vodafone decided to take over.

I’m not entirely sure how Vodafone managed to¬†keep¬†under the radar this whole time,¬†but¬†this is just too many coincidences for me. And its not even a case of¬†their logo simply being¬†the same design as the KKK symbol, it’s the exact same color scheme.

Don’t let Daily Mail know that we have a new secret code-¬†822: Heil Vodafone!¬†

So of course I encourage all Nazis and right-wingers to use them and ditch other providers.

It is our duty to support, endorse and fund a company that is openly normalizing and pushing White Supremacy.

What Vodafone’s doing is purely genius. Exhibit A: Black worker casually and¬†unknowingly helps¬†a pro-white cause

Billboards, television ads, catalogues, store windows, pamphlets- people cannot escape from this symbol.

Shitlibs after finding out their internet is bought to them by the Global White Supremacist Conspiracy