Czech Republic: African Migrant Rapes 16-Year-Old Village Girl

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 20, 2019

This African was expelled from Germany.

Imagine how much of a tree-swinging, gang-raping, machete-wielding, eggplant-black cannibal nigger he must’ve been to get expelled from Merkel Land, of all places.

Still, apparently that wasn’t a big enough red flag for the Czech authorities, who let him in anyway.

iDNES (Translation):

Litomerice policemen are investigating a rape that happened on Tuesday around noon on a field near the North Bohemian village of Lukavec. The offender who attacked a 16-year-old girl was arrested and detained by the police.

According to Litoměřice daily, it was an African who was released from prison in Dresden on Tuesday at 7 am and expelled from Germany.

“I can only confirm that the Litomerice police are dealing with a violent crime that happened on Tuesday. At the moment, we have one person arrested who will soon be charged and will be prosecuted and a petition for detention will be filed, ”spokeswoman for Litomerice police, Petra Trypes, told

Litoměřice District Attorney Kateřina Doušová stated that the offender is a foreign national.

“It is most likely an African. So far, I cannot confirm or exclude information on whether a person has the status of a migrant, considering the short time since his / her detention, ”said IDNES Litomerice District Public Prosecutor Kateřina Doušová. She added that the man was detained shortly after the crime was committed.

Criminal proceedings are now underway. “Within 48 hours, we have to decide whether to file with the District Court a proposal to take the perpetrator into custody. At this point we expect a stimulus from the police, ”added Kateřina Doušová.