Czech: Hero Milos Zeman is Reelected President!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 28, 2018

Zeman represents a positive trend in Eastern Europe, in that he is pro-Russia.

We talk about how “BASED” Eastern Europeans are for being against the haji invasion, but in actual fact, they pretty much all support the EU because of EU gibsmedats.

Not Zeman tho.

The Guardian:

MiloŇ° Zeman, the Czech Republic‚Äôs populist president, has been narrowly re-elected in a tense contest against a liberal challenger, marking a victory for anti-immigrant, far-right forces in the country and potentially tilting its politics in an anti-western direction.

With more than 99.5% of ballots counted in a second-round presidential runoff, Zeman had a decisive lead over JiŇô√≠ DrahoŇ°, a trained chemist and former head of the Czech academy of sciences, by a thin but decisive margin of 51.5% to 48.5%.

Zeman, who is a vocal supporter of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and who has promoted ties with China, has called for referendums on the Czech Republic‚Äôs membership of the EU and Nato. DrahoŇ° campaigned to strengthen the country‚Äôs ties to both organisations.

The outcome followed a campaign in which Zeman, who has carved out a reputation as a fierce critic of Islam, painted his opponent as weak on immigration, an issue that resonates strongly in the central European country, where opposition to the EU’s migrant quota scheme runs high.

The symbolism of the 73-year-old president’s victory was clear when he made a triumphant speech to supporters in Prague, flanked by Tomio Okamura, leader of the hardline anti-immigrant Freedom and Direct Democracy party (SPD), which supported his re-election campaign.

Any anti-immigrant sentiment is useless if one is pro-EU.

Because the plan of the EU is to eventually dissolve national governments. This means that Poland, Hungary, etc. will no longer be able to make decisions about who is allowed in their country. The decisions about how their country is run will be made in Brussels and Berlin, and they will decide that these countries should be Islamized.

As such, opposing Islamic immigration while supporting EU membership is like a death row inmate trying to quit smoking – what exactly is the point?

Eastern European countries must get over their daddy issues with Russia.

Because America is going in a direction where we are no longer going to be giving out gibs to Eastern and Baltic states so they can wage their little war against the big bad daddy.

Y’all need to get your shit together.