Cynthia G Explains Why Blacks Won’t Leave America

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2016

Please note: this is not just one wacky Black chick. This is what Black people actually believe, as a group. Look at the comments on YouTube.

The lovely Cynthia G has made a video explaining to White supremacist trolls why it is she’s not going to go back to Africa.

The answer will truly shock you.

It may rattle you to your very core.


For those who don’t want to watch the video, I’ll clue you in on the real reason Blacks don’t go back to Africa: they are staying here as charity, to take care of Whites. Because if Blacks left, all of the industries that are run by Blacks would collapse, and America would stop working.

White people don’t know how to be successful without Black people.

Without Blacks, we would be living in caves.

If they left, America would crash, and we’d go to Africa and beg them to come back.


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  1. Joe says:

    Africa before whites showed up.

  2. I'm partially but not entirely convinced by their arguments. Obviously the best way to test this is for them to disappear for five to ten years. Better make it ten just to be on the safe side.

  3. I'm willing to make this sacrifice to pay for our original sin of slabery an' sheeit.

  4. Couldn't watch it all.

    I started to think of putting a frisbee in my lip so had to shut it down.

  5. It's almost like these chimps are totally unaware that there is any change coming in the mood of White America, which is all the more remarkable considering the meteoric rise of Trump. If anything they seem genuinely happy that the cultural milieu has started to give them more latitude to complain and riot and protest and angrily point their finger and scream "racist!!"

    They genuinely seem to believe now that they can openly make preposterous claims of White racism all through the media and academia that they are going to really bring this "White racism" problem to its knees and overcome any White identity in society forever.

    They are far too simple to understand that it is having the exact opposite effect, and is a catalyst for explicit White identity and consciousness to arise within society. Even if you explained this to them, I don't think they could help themselves at this point.

    Nonsensical concepts like "White privilege" and "systematic police oppression" are the only arguments these Blacks have as to why they are such a tremendous and colossal failure at everything the do. It is the only card they have to play. And I believe it is going to backfire on them so enormously that they may end up losing some of the unfair advantages they currently receive, including but not limited to:

    subsidized housing,
    food stamps,
    free medical care,
    free prescription drugs,
    free dental care,
    free public transit,
    food banks,
    obama phones,
    an implicit promise to completely support them via handouts no matter how many children they have,
    preferential selection via affirmative action in: colleges, the workplace, the Federal govt, the military,
    also free everything for years on end while in penitentiaries which is very expensive

    I'm sure I'm missing 100 other noteworthy unfair advantages I could list here. We are basically running a full-scale unrestricted breeding program for these blacks and then giving them competitive advantages they don't deserve when they become adults.

    It's really quite outrageous when you think about it, but the women and stupid cuckolds don't seem to have an ounce of sense in them when it comes to these things. However I have an overwhelming sense that things are rapidly changing as the age of Trump approaches.

    He has already made very serious cracks in the current politically correct paradigm, and the longer he continues, the more aggressive other politicians (mostly on the State and local level, so far) and the public will become in taking these and other issues head on and challenging them.

    Pretty long response for a couple of worthless she-boons, but I think it was worth it.

  6. Oy vey ! Who will cook your fried chicken ? Or eat it ? Or rob you at gunpoint ?
    Never been to US. But if all beaners and blacks are gone, i might try.

  7. i love the kangz n sheeit myth its so pathetic, i mean in the myth they are super advanced and our ancestors who were in caves starving, super primitive and low numbers beat the shit out of them, meaning at our worst according to them we are still Superior then them. 10/10 best nigger myth

  8. Clark says:

    Only the negro can outdo the Jew when it comes to delusions of grandeur.

  9. UnCL3 says:

    America without niggers = Utopia.
    Well, once we also get rid of the beaners, kikes, slopes, and kebab...


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