CUCK REDEMPTION: Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly Destroying Sex Aficionado Megyn Kelly in Ratings

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2016

"Excuse me sexual predator, my face is up here!"- MeGYN Kelly

“Excuse me you sexual predator, my face is up here!”- MeGYN Kelly

It’s pretty obvious that Megyn Kelly’s obsessed with the ‘D’ – D for Donald.

This judenpresse sycophant has been dwelling on Donald Trump’s sex life for a year now, and anyone who goes on her show that is associated with or supports Donald is forced to spend half the interview awkwardly trying to change the topic as she presses them to give her more details about Donald Trump’s love making skills. Newt Gingrich recently has gotten sick of it and called her out: “You’re fascinated by sex!” – about damn time.

Before her biased harassment of Trump, Kelly was one of Fox News’ rising stars. In 2013, the “Kelly File” replaced the then sputtering and collapsing Hannity show at the 9 PM time slot, while O’Reilly was able to cling to his premium 8 PM show.

Three years later, Sean Hannity has broken the shackles of Neo-Conservatism to become the lone pundit in all of cable television that supports Donald Trump. Hannity has been named and attacked by Jews of every kind over the last year, and the powers that be are constantly penning Op-Eds and SNL skits suggesting he needs to be fired while they whine out the other side of their mouths about how Trump threatens “freedom of the press.”


The Hannity show is now the place to go to find things people actually want to see: Wikileaks analysis, talking to Pat Buchanan about the fate of Western civilization, the financial plight of working people, mocking Leftists and cuckservatives – it’s the Sean Hannity Variety Hour! 

His brand has totally rebounded and risen like a phoenix, with some ratings estimates showing a 40-60% increase since last summer when Hannity started becoming the only news source that wasn’t wantonly defaming Trump and promoting Hillary.

Here is a table comparing ratings units of all the major cable news shows:

On other days, Hannity from his horribly disadvantaged 10 PM position has more viewers than every other equivalent at any other time other than the (only other pro-Trump leaning) O’Reilly Factor:
If we were to look closer at this chart, we can conclude that without Bill O’Reilly’s big lead-in ratings (hence, why new shows often premier after, say, the Super Bowl), Kelly’s ratings would be even lower. If Hannity came on after O’Reilly, it would be a big deal.

Curiously enough, even though Kelly’s ratings are floundering, Jew-run Disney subsidiary ABC is toying with the idea of giving her a high paying gig. While her viewers dumped her for her constant sniping and cheap shots at Trump to an unprecedented extent during the GOP Primaries, the Judenpresse lauded this ladder climbing sex-fiend like she was the next Edward Murrow.

If the mainstream media was supposed to be profitable, they would all be like Hannity rather than Anderson Cooper and Chris Hayes. In truth, the press is a non-profit oriented towards disseminating plutocratic ideology to Goyim, which is why real journalists are never given any work.

Both O’Reilly and Hannity are now skewering Kelly like a shish kebab at their 8 and 10 PM slots, while high-fiving over her head.

Now Hannity’s turned a new leaf, sick of being a lap dog for the status quo, awaiting the victory of Trump. The people are with him, and he seems to be the only one with the people. Who knows what else is in the stars for him.


If Trump wins the election, Jews will withdraw all offers to MeGYN because she failed in her task. At that point, Hannity will have already filled her 9 PM slot. But hey MeGYN, perhaps in this worst case scenario (for you) you can get your act together and see if Roger Ailes will fill your “6 o’clock” slot in exchange for a job at Trump TV, hahahaha.