CTRL ALT RIGHT Ep. 38 – Can’t Prep, Playing God of War

Goy Mercer
The Right Stuff
April 28, 2018

We here at Ctrl-Alt-Right play a lot of games and consume a ton of games media. 70% of it is so full of poz that we can hardly take it anymore. There are times we feel there is no saving this cultural medium and often don’t even feel like we are a part of the culture at all.  And technically we are right, but occasionally there comes a title that hits levels of European purity that just shouldn’t be possible, a title that not only looks and plays like a dream, but one whose narrative and lessons for white men should not be missed. What’s even more surprising, is that its so good the shitlib games media cant deny it either (except for the regular soyboys). Like Kingdom Come before and the abysmal failure of Wolfenstein 2 European narratives are a hit. They sell, and they resonate with the majority of gamers. We need more of this in games. Oh, oh we also cover the poetic styles of Small Souled Bugmen, and the ant people of South Korea are fighting back against feminists…….


Watchya Playing/ Wanna be Playing There Rabbi?

  • God of War


  • Insert Shekel: The Redemption of Billy Mitchell


  • On the Infestation of Small-Souled Bugmen (Link)
  • South Korea Gamers Stage an Inquisition Against Feminists


Nope, no one asked anything…..






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