CTRL ALT RIGHT EP 36 – Snack Bar Ethics Awards

Goy Mercer
The Right Stuff
April 8, 2018

Sorry for the late post lads, but we made it.

This week Ember Wolf has a Critique of a Critique of Oy Vey 5, we get a lecture from an Egyptian Islamic Swedish man about how to be more inclusive and less western in gaming, then the same Egyptian Islamic Swedish man is awarded the 2018 GDC Ambassador Award for slaying gaming’s injustices as every Islamic Swede does, Ubisoft want to end “hate speech” in Rainbow Six Siege and fellow white man Cameron Kunzleman is none too happy about the Silent Protagonist in Oy Vey 5. Plus a lot more lads….


Watchya Playing There Rabbi?


  • Insert Shekel: Critique of the Critique (Xurious for the music credit)


  • Ubisoft wants to put an end to hate speech in Rainbow Six Siege
  • Indie dev Rami Ismail accepts GDC Ambassador Award for slaying gaming’s injustices
  • GDC 2018 Muslim representation in games
  • Far Cry 5 Silent Protagonist Sucks – by Cameron (((Kunzleman)))


Q: What Would an Alt Right Game Jam Be Called?


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