CTRL ALT RIGHT Ep. 35: Gas the Bikes, Race Car Now

Goy Mercer
The Right Stuff
March 31, 2018

We are finally back on-air fam and it feels good! We have a lot to catch you up on, we discuss the underwhelming plundering found in Sea of Thieves, the highs, lows and odd tonal choices from an Arab Swede’s depiction of Italian Americans busting out of jail in A Way Out, the high energy nostalgia of Burnout Paradise Remastered and the…… Far Cry-ness of Far Cry 5 and how it’s a mega letdown for the “progressive” activists who dominate MSM coverage of video games…We win again lads.


Watchya Playing There Rabbi?

  • Sea of Thieves
  • A Way Out
  • Burnout Paradise: Remastered
  • Far Cry 5


  • Insert Shekel: CTRL ALT RIGHT Retunes (Xurious for the music credit)


  • ‘Far Cry 5’ Tries to Do It All, but Fails to Be Much of Anything
  • Far Cry 5′ Is Apolitical To The Point Of Absurdity
  • The Problem With Far Cry 4’s Box Art
  • Why People Aren’t Picking Up Some Of This Year’s Games
  • Prof blasts ‘toxic meritocracy’ of ‘competitive’ video games
  • Xbox, Twitch, Blizzard, Riot and more form Fair Play Alliance to combat toxic players


Q: What do you think of John “my wife’s black son” Romero




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