CRUSH500 is STILL *CRUSH5000* (Shocking H3H3 Betrayal!)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2018

Finally, a new Hyde Wars video.

This shit is like crack to me.

Sam Hyde is the single only YouTuber that only mattered.

Him and Murdoch Murdoch.

btw MM – hmu on some platform that isn’t shit, i.e. the ones I use. One of our mutuals knows what I’m talking about.

Other good YouTubers (in a much lower league):

The rest of it is shit not even really worth thinking about.

Also, not endorsing any of those last five, because they might go insane at any moment and I don’t just randomly endorse anyone anymore because I’ve been burned… more than once.

So you know, those guys go nuts… not my issue.

Please don’t blame me.

Also, I recommend the Disney VEVO channel.

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