Critical Update on Stormer Book Clubs

Azzmador and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 4, 2018

The Stormer Book Club project is moving full steam ahead. In a little over three weeks, we have solidified fourteen Clubs, and more coming to us to be vetted and trained to start their own club.

We have a listing service that is on Gab, and it follows all SBCs. If any organization calls itself a Stormer Book Club, and is not on this list, it is not an SBC. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are pulling something shady. Some are, but there are a few groups out there calling themselves Stormer Book Clubs that started when Andrew Anglin first rolled out the idea.

This is a totally new type of activist organization, and is set up to be decentralized, so it was originally thought that we would be able to just have people sign up on the BBS and do their thing, and we could set some guidelines and all would be well.

But that was not the case. We discovered that to do this properly, the chapters would need to be started off right, with the right people. A program needed to be developed, and we needed some hard and fast rules and guidelines, as well as set up a program of vetting prospective chapters, and for chapters to vet new members.

There also needed to be a uniform.

We now have all these things. I have been working with DFW Stormers for over a year, and running everything by Andrew Anglin, and we have beta tested everything. We have everything you need to get your chapter running and attract new members, as well as experience with IRL activism. We also have a private forum for all the clubs, which the members really enjoy.

So now, onto the next phase.

The Book Club section of the BBS is being taken down. There are several reasons for this. It turns out that, even under the best of circumstances, the BBS is just not a good platform for organizing these things. It is only semi-private, at best, and the OPs of book club threads can’t moderate the threads, so if someone posts something in them that isn’t appropriate, a mod has to be called in and likely there’s plenty of time for the wrong person to see it or screencap it.

Furthermore, despite having been told to never do it, people have posted private information in these meetup threads which had led to security problems.

So here’s the plan:

If you want to get involved with Stormer Book Clubs, check the Listing Service on Gab, and if there’s already one in your area, go to their page and contact them via the email in their bio. If there’s not one listed, contact DFW Stormers at and tell them you want to help start a chapter in your town and you’re ready to be vetted.

This is the only way you can become a member, or be an Official Stormer Book Club. 

If you have a meetup group from the old forum, and you want to become a recognized club, you need to go through the process. We are standardizing, and creating a working communications network.

I want to stress that, just because you apply, that is no guarantee that you will be accepted. Stormer Book Clubs are going to be the very best pro-White activist group on Earth, and we want the right kind of people. Most do make it, but not all.

You have to be willing to learn, have a good attitude, etc.

Things like the rules, regulations, guidelines and uniform are not negotiable. We’re not gonna debate them with you. Not at all. If you can’t accept these things, that means that you are not a person who can work in a group dynamic, nor are you willing or able to take orders well. We just don’t need people like that.

With that being said, we are really looking forward to hearing from all you fine young men who want to join a great new organization and help secure the existence of our people, and a future for White children!

These groups are not simply political activist groups – though they are that, of course – but places to help you develop yourself and be a part of a community.

We want to build stronger, smarter, better men, as that is what is at the core of any healthy revolutionary movement.

But understand that you are joining to make yourself better, and understand that we understand that you are coming out of the degenerate mainstream and coming to the group to be made better. So if you’re fat, socially awkward, have a retard hair cut, etc. – don’t worry. We’re here to help you with that, and we’re providing an environment where we accept guys coming in as they are (unless they are totally fucked) as long as they have a desire to improve themselves.

Top Comments

  1. Is it only for people from the US or people from central Europe can join in starting book clubs too?


  2. New Balances were the “Nazi shoes” in Europe before I ever did that meme.

    As to American nationalism - obviously, every country has their own nationalism. I am going to figure out a separate meetup option for more informal groups in the future that is more secure. With that Fashmaps thing, and people simply refusing to not post shit publicly, this public shit isn’t an option anymore.

  3. That’s always been my plan, yeah.

    Badboys in shape, well dressed, dangerous - girls can’t resist.

  4. I’ll do up a bunch of Stormer Book Club posters when I get home from work tonight.

    So far this expansion sounds great, I’m excited.

  5. Repairing the family is a good thing to shoot for. A necessary thing to shoot for. But you don’t go around talking about how “sex is degenerate” and so on. Everyone hates that.

    Basically, the “infinite sex” promise of the Jews has proven to be a lie, however, and most guys are not even getting laid at all because every skank wants to have sex with the same 5-10% of guys, and doesn’t care that he’s having sex with other women.

    So basically, we need to just get our guys into the 5-10%, by getting them in shape, giving them an image, getting them on a track to making money, etc. That is the plan.

  6. Here are DFW Stormers on a nice outing in the North Texas countryside.


  7. The shit is as standard as is fucking possible, and as classically American: blue jeans and white t-shirt.

    There is no black hoodie. There was one photo where they bought a dark gray one that ended up looking different than it did on the H&M website. We’ve gone with the light gray one.

    The shoes, whether people know this or not, are cool. They are also going to become iconic, something that the media will latch onto and turn into a symbol. You will eventually not be able to wear red New Balances without being accused of being a NEO NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST.

    Ask any pickup artist about what I have prescribed - those people have obsessively tested what clothing is appealing to women - and they are going to agree I did an excellent job with all of this.

    People who are complaining about this are doing it because they are complainers. It was literally planned to be as noncontroversial as possible, while also being attractive to women and being able to show off chest and biceps - or look good on a skinnier guy.

  8. You have GIANT BRASS BALLS my friend… GIANT

    People don’t seem to comprehend what it takes to stand in the public square and deliver a message that is mercilessly ridiculed by the media and elitist snobs.

    You do this without your voice cracking and without hesitation.

    I have been most impressed with this.

    Your skill is invaluable and 100 times more important than being a WN model.

    The people trying to tear you down are completely full of shit… FUCK THEM.

    And I really like the uniform BTW >>> excellent work.

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