Creating a “Safe Space” for Europeans at UC Berkeley

William Martel
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2016

Richard Spencer along with Identity Evropa, an Alt-Right activism group led by Nathan Damigo, went to UC Berkeley, one of the most liberal universities, to trigger some SJWs by creating a safe space for whites to talk about race according to the pro-white narrative.

It was surprisingly a peaceful and civil discussion minus the fat leftist loser that threw a temper tantrum. A large number of the people there were actually Alt-Right shitlords, a surprising turnout for such a hostile area.

A liberal journalist for The Tab wrote an article entitled ‘I went looking for Trump supporters and I found white supremacists’ about the event where she couldn’t conceal her giddiness over Richard Spencer. She continually refers to him as a charming and intelligent yet dangerous man.