Cops Pissed After Negro Terrorist Who Killed White Cop Given Parole

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2018

Herman Bell.

Why are we allowing Black terrorists out of prison?

Why are we keeping them in prison at all instead of sending them to Africa?

New York Post:

News that cop-killer Herman Bell has been granted parole was met with outrage in New York on Wednesday, with a senior law enforcement official calling it a “disgrace.”

“Bell has never expressed sincere remorse for these premeditated assassinations of two cops,” the official fumed.

“He has also never genuinely admitted that what he did was illegal and immoral when he shot (NYPD Officer Joseph) Piagentini 22 times.”

Bell, now 70, finally admitted in 2012 that he was one of a three Black Revolutionary Army members who lured Piagentini and Officer Waverly Jones into an ambush with a bogus 911 call in 1971 and opened fire.

As the wounded Piagentini begged for his life, Bell finished him off with the cop’s own gun.

Joseph Piagentini.