Cops Arrest Antifa Faggots for Protesting “Patriot Prayer” Group

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2017

Awesome. But why is the police wearing shorts? Is it casual Sundays?

If antifa were smart, they’d avoid attacking normie conservatives in the way they do. You see, when normal people are treated exactly like Nazis, it kind of removes the threat of being an actual Nazi, doesn’t it?

But antifa aren’t smart, and more importantly, they’re weak, cowardly people. So they favor weak, easy targets rather than tactical ones.

Unfortunately for them, unlike in Europe, the police isn’t just letting them rampage around with no consequences anymore in America.

Daily Mail:

Five people were arrested when counter-protesters took over a Republican rally at the University of Washington where dissenters burned the American flag as they booed the Trump administration.

The clash broke out after campus group the College Republicans invited right-leaning group the Patriot Prayer to speak on Saturday.

The evil fascists in question.

In retaliation hundreds of students and demonstrators, gathered to oppose the Trump supporting rally.

Wait – if hundreds gathered, why were only five arrested? Did the police get there on bicycles?

All these faggots need to be rounded up like dogs and put in the pound – where they belong.

The free speech rally took place in the campus’s Red Square by students supportive of Trump chanting ‘USA! USA! USA!’ and several wearing Make American Great Again hats.

College Republicans President Chevy Swanson said the goal of the rally was to create a safe space for conservatives to share their views and promote free speech.

“Safe space for conservatives.”

Would you like some tampons with your safe space, sir?

Wow, these college Republicans really are like battered housewives, acting like helpless victims and even adopting the language (and thus moral values) of the people oppressing them.

Instead of begging for “safe spaces,” they should be demanding that their schools respect their duty to uphold freedom of speech.

About 75 minutes after the rally, counter-protesters began to flood in, despite police barricades.

Although the College Republicans had worked with police to prepare for the day, security was unprepared to deal with the hundreds that marched through the square.

The dissenters marched in with signs saying ‘Trump and Pence must go’ and ‘Trump is the symptom, Capitalism is the disease, Revolution is the cure’ and ‘Resist’.

In other words, these faggots were just straight-up commie agitators, larping about “abolishing capitalism,” whatever that means.

Either way, it’s good that the cops are starting to arrest these degenerates. Antifa love pretending to be “anti-establishment,” but in reality once they start experiencing real oppression from the state, they’ll quickly fold away.

These are not tough people.