Cop with a Stutter Tells Us About a Nog Who Killed an Old White Man 32 Years Ago

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 27, 2018

Yeah, a nog murdered a White guy 32 years ago, whatever.

But did you hear the stutter on that cop?

Is that just him being awkward to the media or is it something he always does?

It seems like that would make him less intimidating if he had to yell at someone and it came out like Porky Pig.

Fox News:

A retired security guard was behind bars Monday for allegedly murdering a retiree in northern San Diego County more than three decades ago.

Nathan Eugene Mathis, 62, was arrested last week at his Ontario home in connection with the fatal stabbing of 75-year-old Richard Finney of Escondido, according to police.

“A promise was made 32 years ago by the daughter of the decedent, that we would find and bring the killer to justice and that’s happened,” said Escondido Police Chief Craig Carter.

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