Daily Stormer Publisher Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer Publisher Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin:

Please understand that I get an unmanageable number of emails, and am not able to even read them all, let alone respond to them all.

Because of the amount of emails I get, I will immediately block anyone who puts me on a list.

Media inquiries should use the subject line “media inquiry,” though using that subject line does not mean I will necessarily ever read your email.

Though we are careful to follow what we understand to be the guidelines of Fair Use, please let us know if you are the owner of any excerpted content we’ve posted that you would like removed, and we can do so immediately.


  1. NYT just committed a holocaust and the kikes are fighting mad! Worlds are colliding!

  2. Another victory against faggotry! Kim Davis’ deputy clerk says she will ignore faggots and will follow Mrs.Davis’ orders.

  3. If Israel is "we" to you, why do you live in Sweden and tell them what to do and how to live?— Alice Teller (@AliceTeller) September 8, 2015


  4. Though the former PM Tsipras has stated clearly that he will not join his fellow sellout party New Democracy, it seems more then likely that he is going to form a coalition with them anyway, especially given that he hasn’t exactly taken all that much care into enforcing his red lines during his miserable tenure in power.

    Granted, the article also goes on and talks about how the political parties of Greece need to unite in helping to end the crisis but of course what they really mean is to all pull down their pants and take it without resistance from the troika (though to be fair, that is probably exactly what these guys will do). But the real main reason I am linking this article is so that you can see this glorious picture of Tsipras and Meimarakis, one that is not only hilarious but will more then likely be hugely prophetic in the coming weeks:

  5. General Secretary for Danish Refugee Help changes his mind, predicts “Armageddon”

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