“Conservative” Woman Claims Brexit Convinced Her to Endorse Hillary Clinton

Daily Stormer
July 2, 2016

Put a woman in power, and you get someone who acts exactly like a Jew.

The 20th century saw the rise a a weird trend to start giving important government positions to women. Simultaneously, all our countries became Jew-dominated communist feels-ocracies. Those two trends aren’t unrelated.

Here we have a perfect example what happens when you give a woman power and expect her to take good decisions. Kori Schake has been a GOP advisor since the 2000 Bush administration. She claims to be a “conservative.” She also writes columns for many different newspapers and think-tanks.

Let’s look at her latest opus.


Last Friday, people across the United Kingdom woke up shocked to learn that their nation had actually voted to leave the European Union. More than a million people now reportedly would like to change their vote from “leave” to “remain”; more than 3 million signed a petition for a second referendum. EU institutions and major corporations based in London announced they would move operations and jobs from Britain to EU countries.

My reaction was a little different: I decided to endorse Hillary Clinton for president.

For some reason this lying bitch failed to mention that the petition was under investigation for massive fraud.

Also, I’m sure her decision to endorse Hillary had nothing to do with the fact that her sister is a high level Clinton campaign staffer, right?

It wasn’t an easy decision. As a conservative, I find Hillary Clinton stands for the opposite of a number of things I believe strongly: that our government is involved in too many areas of our lives, that its profligacy is spending our country into bankruptcy, and that it very often makes problems worse because it knows too little to keep pace with change. Clinton has a seemingly inexhaustible list of government programs to address every social concern, and no conceivable way to pay for it all.

I was planning to cast a protest vote in November: write in Mitch Daniels or one of my terrific nephews, and vote Republican down-ballot to support strong Republican voices in Congress and help rebuild the party in the long run. But that approach is only satisfactory if Trump has no chance of winning. I’m genuinely concerned now that Trump could get elected, and that is why I’m voting for Hillary Clinton.

Schake also spends a few paragraphs whining about Trump’s “erratic attitude” and “reckless stances.” In other words, she’s ready to vote for a witch who’d destroy the western world and wipe out our race forever, because she’s intimidated by the Glorious Leader’s alpha personality.

Goyim, you must support this evil witch. She may eat children, but at least she doesn't promote hate.
At least she doesn’t have “reckless policies.”

This is why we can’t have women in positions of influence. Actually, we can’t even suffer to have beta males as leaders. Only the bravest and noblest of men could possibly bear that burden.

The scam which is democracy isn’t about putting the best of the best in positions of power, but rather about putting easily manipulated weaklings and women in positions where they can be influenced by Jews and parasites. It needs to go.

Oh, and our friend Kori Schake is on twitter as @KoriSchake. Maybe someone should remind her that if she’s endorsing Hillary, she needs to quit her job as a “conservative” scholar and turn in her GOP membership.