Conor McGregor About to Lose All the Money He Earned for Throwing Matches to Browns

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 24, 2018

This is what happens when you sell out your legacy for a quick buck.

More often than not, it’s easy come, easy go.


A New York law could potentially see MMA superstar Conor McGregor lose all of his profits from his UFC 229 fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, and possibly the huge windfall from the launch of his whiskey company, Proper Twelve.

According to a report from showbiz gossip outlet TMZ, Michael Chiesa believes he directly lost out on a UFC title fight as a result of McGregor’s actions when the Irishman attacked a bus transporting fighters at a UFC 223 media day earlier this year, and the use of footage of the incident, amounted to a breach of a US law that prevents criminal activity being used to generate profit for the perpetrators.

McGregor was arrested and convicted of disorderly conduct as a result of the attack. Now Chiesa, who was on the bus attacked by McGregor in Brooklyn at UFC 223 and sustained cuts as a result, has filed a lawsuit. 

So that whole crazy, drunken Irishman persona that McGregor ran with didn’t end up working out so well. It raised a lot of interest and money, for a while. But then, the luck o’ the Irish kicked in.

The report also states that Chiesa believes the bus attack was “a pre-meditated publicity stunt” designed to generate additional buzz for McGregor’s UFC 229 fight with Nurmagomedov, and Chiesa wants a judge to force McGregor to hand over the profits he made as a result of that fight to the victims of the attack.

The lawsuit is looking to invoke the ‘Son of Sam’ law that states that those convicted of a crime cannot profit through publicity of their criminal activity.

Chiesa was unable to face Nurmagomedov for the vacant UFC lightweight title at UFC 223 when Tony Ferguson was ruled out of the bout through injury and backup option Max Holloway was unable to step in due to weight-cutting issues. 

So is it too far-fetched to assume that this Chiesa guy would have actually put up a fight instead of letting himself get beat bloody by a Dagistani in an interracial BDSM show for the shekels?

Moral lesson here: don’t be a McGregor, kids.

Because money can be taken away from you very easily. 

Other things, like your honor and reputation, are far more important to pursue because they’re far harder to take away. And once lost, money can always be regained. Reputation, however, is far harder to earn and even harder still to gain back.

In fact, having a good reputation is a better shield against misfortune than having a lot of money.

If they came after McGregor when he was at the top of his popularity, and after he defeated his opponents instead of throwing the fight – or better yet, not agreed to the ritual humiliation – he would have had legions of indignant fans rooting for him, supporting him, baying for his enemies’ blood.

You and I both know that the anti-White system will try to ruin you if you step out of line. Hoarding wealth at the cost of everything else may seem like the smart strategy now, but you won’t be able to afford to buy enough fans and supporters to stand by your side.

I bet McGregor didn’t even read Leviathan:

Also riches joined with liberality is power, because it procureth friends and servants; without liberality, not so; because in this case they defend not, but expose men to envy, as a prey.

Reputation of power is power, because it draweth with it the adherence of those that need protection.

So is reputation of love of a man’s country, called popularity, for the same reason.

Also, what quality soever maketh a man beloved or feared of many, or the reputation of such quality, is power, because it is a means to have the assistance and service of many.

Good success is power, because it maketh reputation of wisdom or good fortune, which makes men either fear him or rely on him.

If the enemy comes for you, however, and you have a community by your side… A strong family and good friends – well, all of a sudden, you become a hard target. You should start asking yourself: do you have people in your life that are on your side, and willing to throw a huge fuss if they come to take away your money and your reputation?

Instead of counting your money, or perhaps the cases of ammo and Mountain Dew you have hoarded up for when SHTF, you should count the number of close people by your side.

You should shore up your reputation among the people who matter to you, and who might have your back if worse came to worst – again, for most people, that’s their close friends and family.

To bring it all back to McGregor – the man threw his reputation away, and his money will follow.

And going into this lawsuit, he won’t have legions of fans on his side, backing him up to the hilt, and ready to catch him if he loses. No, this is a true fall from grace and one that was entirely self-inflicted.

The more I think about the McGregor, the more I do want young boys to look up to him as an example – an example of what not to do and be.