Congressman Believes He’s An Honorary Asian, Finds Out He’s Not

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2019

Looking good in them vines, congressman.

Washington Post:

Shortly after being sworn into office two weeks ago, Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) told his new staff: “I feel the aloha.”

He may be feeling less of that aloha this week, after some remarks he made drew controversy at an event for Asian American and Pacific Islander voters in Washington on Tuesday night.

At a reception intended to be a “celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander members of the 116th Congress,” Case reportedly told the crowd that he was “an Asian trapped in a white body,” according to National Journal fellow Nicholas Wu.


I know that feel.

I too have wanted to be Asian my entire life. 

I want to go places and look identical to literally all of my friends and the people around me as well and just totally blend in.

I want to play League of Legends and have people in society respect me, pay me and have wahmen flock to me to ‘mir my clicks per minute skills.

More than that, I want to have a nation and a culture all of my own that I know I can always go home to.

I didn’t know that this was now yet another unacceptable thought for White people to have.

Is there like an e-mail newsletter that I’m not subscribed to or is this a GroupMe thing?

Because how am I – and for that matter, the congressman – supposed to know about what’s racist or not these days?

It didn’t take long for Case’s comment to reach an audience online, as well, where the reception was a collective head shake.

“I just oof’d so hard I blacked out for a sec,” one Twitter user wrote.

“As a haole who lived in Japan for 7 years and now lives in Hawai’i, I couldn’t imagine saying something like this,” another said, using a Hawaiian term for someone who is a foreigner. “Check your privilege Ed Case.”

I think he might have called the congressman a “white nigger” – which is Hawaiian slang for baka gaijin pig-doggu!

In an emailed statement to The Washington Post, Case said he was “fiercely proud” to represent the ethnically diverse state of Hawaii. His district includes greater Honolulu and is the only U.S. district where the majority of the population is Asian.

“Like so many others from Hawaii who treasure our multicultural heritage, I have absorbed and live the values of our many cultures,” Case said. “They and not my specific ethnicity are who I am, and I believe that this makes me an effective advocate on national issues affecting our API community.”

He continued: “I regret if my specific remarks to the national API community on my full absorption of their concerns caused any offense.”

In the same email, Case spokesman Nestor Garcia clarified that the congressman was commenting “on what his Japanese-American wife sometimes says about him.” Garcia also noted that Case is a returning executive committee member of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus.

Ah, the ol’ Asian waifu defense! 

Sorry bud, not going to cut it.

You can’t use East Asians as a shield anymore – it has to be someone much lower on the racial rung for leftists to say, “okay, let him go, he’s debased himself enough.”

I would recommend that the congressman consider swapping the Japanese woman out for an Australian Aborigine if he really wants to use the wife defense successfully going forward in his political career.

I wish it wasn’t so, but it’s just the only way to be safe if you’re a White American man in 2019, Mr. Congressman.