Congress Proposes Bill That Would Protect Israel From Boycotts

Daily Slave
April 21, 2015

Israeli Flag
Israel is nothing more than a demonic Jewish criminal enterprise.

The Jew sluts in the United States Congress just can’t seem to stop promoting the interests of Jews and Israel before anyone else.  In fact, Jewish interests trump all.

Due to the fact that many different countries are pushing economic boycotts of Israel, a bill has been proposed in the House of Representatives that would implement an American counter-boycott against nations who boycott Israel.  Needless to say, Jew tools in both the Republican and Democrat parties are supporting this which is utterly insane and ridiculous.


The US Congress is preparing a counter offensive to the tsunami of boycotts against Israel, with legislators pushing a bill giving Israel a unique economic status and protection from sanctions.

The proposed legislation constitutes a threat of an American counter-boycott against countries, UN organizations and private companies who boycott Israeli products, political or cultural institutions, or scholars.

The bill proposal is led by Republican House representative Peter Roskam from Illinois and has garnered wide support from both Republicans and Democrats in the House.

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