Congoid Brute Pleads Not Guilty to Beating 78-Year-Old White Grandfather to Death

Providence Journal
June 6, 2015

Delor M. “Dean” Cabral was beaten to death and his tenant Jonathan Angilly was also attacked when the animals broke into his home.

The man who now stands accused of the 2013 beating death of a 78-year-old grandfather during a home invasion pleaded not guilty Thursday to all 13 charges.

Leopoldo Belen, 34, aka “Blah” or “Black,” was arraigned before Superior Court Judge Netti C. Vogel on charges that he fatally beat Delor M. “Dean” Cabral inside his 122-124 Ontario St. apartment house and stole the gun that was used in the alleged crime.

Prosecutors announced Friday that a grand jury had handed down a secret indictment charging Belen, a repeat felon, with Cabral’s killing and the beating of Cabral’s third-floor tenant, Jonathan Angilly.

In doing so, prosecutors also announced that Wilbert Richardson had been cleared in Cabral’s death.

AR-150529257 (1)
Leopoldo Belen is also being held on four accounts of rape in an unrelated case.

A floor installer and stepfather of three, Richardson, 40, spent 10 months in prison and eight months on home confinement after Providence police charged him in Cabral’s killing following Angilly’s eyewitness identification of Richardson as his attacker.

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