CONFIRMED! Russia Sends Troops, Supplies and Advisors to Caracas

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2019

Russia has decided to make the planned US intervention in Venezuela far more difficult and painful. We finally got confirmation.


Russian specialists are in Venezuela as part of the 2001 military-technical cooperation deal with Caracas that doesn’t need further approval, Moscow said after reports of the arrival of two military planes with troops and cargo.

Russia develops its relations with Venezuela “in strict accordance with the Constitution of this country and in full respect of its legislation,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

The existing deal was ratified by both Russia and Venezuela, and it “doesn’t require any additional approval from the National Assembly of Venezuela,” she pointed out.

Venezuela already has S-300s, not everywhere, but in enough places where the US would have to knock the systems out before bombing.

What the additional troops and supplies are for is anybody’s guess. My guess is that they’re there to secure the S-300s and make sure they’re operating properly. Oh and I think it’s fair to guess that more Russians are going to be inbound very soon.

In response, Bolton decided to again invoke the Monroe Doctrine.

US National Security Adviser and one of the strongest backers of regime change in Venezuela, John Bolton, was also outraged, writing on Twitter that: “the US will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law.”

Washington had recognized opposition leader, Juan Guaido, as the legitimate president of Venezuela and even mulled the so-called “humanitarian intervention” in order to remove the unwanted government of Nicolas Maduro from power.

As for why the Russians are in South America, the answer is quite simple.

Geopolitics is like any card game really. On a very basic level, you need cards to play.

More specifically, I think the whole thing is most similar to a game of Go Fish

If Russia can set up shop in Venezuela, then when it’s their turn, they can say, “got any 5s?” and in our scenario “5s” means “troops in the Ukraine.” At which point, the US will have to hand over the Ukraine and when its the US’ turn, they get to say, “got any 4s?” which means “troops in Venezuela” and the Russians hand Venezuela over.

Here, let their Ministry of Foreign Affairs lady explain it in her words.

If the Americans deny other countries access to the Western Hemisphere, it begs the question “what are they themselves doing in Eastern Hemisphere?” she wondered, referring to the heavy US military presence in Europe and its involvement in ‘color revolutions’ in former Soviet states and the Balkans.

That’s diplomat-speak for: “tit for tat, bitch.”

“Perhaps, they believe that the people of this part of the world will be thankful when Washington willfully changes their leaders and kills the unwanted ones. Or the US still believes that people are waiting for the Americans to bring democracy to them on the wings of their bombers. Ask Iraqis, Libyans or Serbs about it,” the spokeswoman stated.

The Soviets did the same thing during the Cuban Missile Crisis btw.

When the US decided to put nukes in Turkey, Khrushchev realized that his opponent had a better hand, so to speak. So he decided to go fishing in America’s near abroad for a new card to play. He plucked one out of the Caribbean when he offered Castro and the Cubans a deal. At the time, Castro had had a falling out with Langley now that Batista was gone, so he needed a new friend, and the rest, as they say, is history. Russia swapped Cuba for Turkey, the status quo returned and everyone chilled out for a bit.

Hopefully, we can do the same thing here. Russia lets Trump do his thing in Venezuela, and in exchange, the US hands over Ukraine. I think this is win-win, makes everyone happier/safer, and everyone gets to save face.

The only people who would disagree would be the kikes, who want a war, of course.

Because everyone else wants to chill. 

Americans want to get back to grillin’ and Russians just want to get back to squattin’.

So let’s just swap cards and do that, okay?