Complete and Total Mystery: America is Getting Dumber

Daily Stormer
September 5, 2015

America is bringing in the best and the brightest illiterate peasants from across the whole planet.
America is bringing in the best and the brightest illiterate peasants from across the whole planet.

There are some mysteries which will never be solved.

Even as America is becoming more and more diverse – bringing in the best and brightest from all across Mexico, Africa and the Middle East – our test scores continue to drop!

The only possible conclusion I can come up with is that these tests are racist.

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Is it so hard to believe that Whites would design these tests to purposefully hurt the feelings of brown people? After all, they are constantly murdering unarmed children on the street for no reason – what is faking a few tests to a group so fixated on genocide as American Whites?


  1. This article is wrong, test scores have been increasing. I know this without looking at any evidence because we are more diverse and diversity makes is strong according to everyone. Furthermore wise chosenites like Jared Diamond have informed us that the natives of Paupa New Guinea are mentally superior to Europeans, so we can expect there to be a burst of new technological breakthroughs from them any day now, as well as the sacred brown hordes now swamping the USA, which will make us better in an infinite number of ways, if by better we mean worse.

    • Jared Diamond really said that about the Paupa New Guinea people?
      I knew Jews hate Europeans, but fuck that’s a lot of Jew hate. That kike has no problem saying race isn’t real for the goyim, but when its for God’s chosen he sings another tune.

  2. I know this is parody, but the sad part is that SJW colleges (which is all of them) actually do teach that SAT, IQ as well as myriad of other tests are indeed racist. Maybe this is an addendum to the “satire is dead” article.

    They will never give up until Ebonics is considered an actual language.

  3. It’s unfortunately not only the muds. I don’t believe most muds take the sat.These scores probably mostly reflect the niggerball hip-hop millenial generation. Most people under 45 in the US are ignorant

  4. The mathematics score appears to have risen slightly. However, the English and reading comprehension scores don’t surprise me.

  5. Where could this problem possibly stem from?

  6. These tests are racist, and operate along oppressive white paradigms. We need more inclusive measures of intelligence, like how high does a rim have to be for you to dunk a basketball, or how many heads of lettuce can you pick in an hour.

  7. Coincidence… Here’s a graph (a couple overlayed from Google images together through GIMP) I just made

    EDIT: To be clear, IQ is red line.

    • The Spanish Inquisition

      Why are Asians so intelligent? What’s so special about them?

      • Slightly more delayed gratification and brain mass.

        • East Asians have slightly lower verbal IQs than Europeans (verbal IQ is how the Jews do so well in banking, politics, philosophy and economics) but substantially higher spatial IQs

          Also Europeans are more creative by most independent measurements.

          • Whites are also better parents. Whites spend more time with their kids. That’s probably one big reason our birth rates are dropping. We won’t have kids unless we think we can really raise them up to White standards. I’ve heard this is why everyone wants to live with us: immigrants want their kids to grow up around White kids.

          • Just admit that Asians are smarter. Fuck. I swear some WNs are just neurotic.

          • Who invented the computer,Internet,smart phone,tv,radio,electrcity,telephone,antibiotics,airplane,jet engine,submarine,helicopter,chemistry,nuclearfusion etc etc etc ?

          • What does “smarter” mean? They are better at visuo-spatial tasks but not verbal ones (verbal IQ also correlates with other skillsets but primarily language).

          • You are probably referring to IQ tests taken in the US. Many white people there have non white admixture in their ancestry while the Asians there are mostly pure Asians. Here in Germany it’s a different story. We also have Asians in our schools but while some off them are very good, they are usually not the best in their classes (not even in math).

          • I think having a higher verbal IQ is what makes the Jew so slimy. They evolved not for logical thought, but for being slick talking silver tongue snakes. They are great lawyers because they can bullshit a string of words that can “sound” right, but really isn’t correct. I would gather that their dominance in economics is due to their avarice. The media thing is because of racial nepotism.

          • Verbal IQ also correlates with mathematical ability and helps with logical thinking so it isn’t their verbal skills that have made them shitty.

            However as Jewish spatial ability is lower than Europeans’ it is no wonder they had to champion things like ‘modern’ art and brutalism. They will never match the visual advancements in drafting, sculpture and illustration of Europeans.

      • Asians also place a premium on education. They really push the kids to learn. They pay the price for a couple of extra IQ points by being less well adjusted socially than Whites. White kids tend to have better overall childhoods.

        • Were sociologically more dysfunctional due to jew influence

        • Actually, since IQ is only about 70-80% heritable, it is likely that Jews and Asians are benefiting from environmental factors while whites are being held down to an extent by degenerate media, Common Core and water fluoridation

          • >whites are being held down to an extent by degenerate media, Common Core and water fluoridation

            If that’s the case shouldn’t the Jews and the Asians also be held down by degenerate media, Common Core and water fluoridation?

          • Water fluoridation is primarily practiced by European countries, they also fluoridate their salt. (China adds iodine to its salt which cancels out fluoride)

            Common Core is a standard set for public schools first, Jews usually send their kids to private institutions.

            Degenerate Media…erm, where, in East Asia? Jews do not control the media in China.

          • Apologies, perhaps I should have specified that I was talking about the United States. In the United States Jews, Asians, and Whites are exposed to degenerate media, Common Core and the water is flouridated in most states and municipalities. It stands to reason that all three groups are exposed to these influences in substantial amounts yet East Asians outperform Whites and Jews outperform East Asians.

            >(China adds iodine to its salt which cancels out fluoride)

            Iodine has been added to salt in the United States since the ’20s because Iodine prevents goiters.

            >Common Core is a standard set for public schools first, Jews usually send their kids to private institutions.

            Wealthy whites also send their children to private school.

            >Degenerate Media…erm, where, in East Asia? Jews do not control the media in China.

            Japan has weeaboo culture and the national sport of South Korea is Starcraft. Hollywood movies are popular worldwide.

          • -Obviously there is some overlap, but my point was that these are all converging on the European demographic. To use an analogy, Israel and China will take in some refugees, but it is primarily a burden for Europe.

            -Americans are consuming more salt, but the salt in processed foods is not iodized. We have no data on how much iodized salt they are consuming, as we do with China. (Also, China isn’t fluoridating its water to the same extent.) And even within the United States, fluoridation is most heavily applied in the northeast and midwest. Califonia and the deep south, with their large mestizo and black populations, are for the most part spared- contra your claim. Examine a fluoridation map of the USA from 1997 and compare iot to one from 2007 though- most water in the country is not fluoridated, but the percentage available increases substantially in ten years.

            -I believe East Asians are outperforming whites fairly in the US, as are Nigerians, but I think the Jewish gap is exagerrated due to nepotism and traits other than intelligence. Usually when I bring this up to other alt-righters they feel the need to be autistically skeptical to prove they’re not trashy WNs or something, but I am starting to believe it myself when I look at admissions boards at Harvard and Yale.

            -The majority of whites do not send their kids to private schools.

            -‘Weeaboo culture’? Hollywood movies are like foreign films to chinamen, they can’t be guilt-tripped by slavery porn. And I don’t think Starcraft is degenerate, is it? It was created by whites, not Jews.

            It was idle speculation though, not a measured theory. I believe degenerate culture affects things other than IQ- for the worse.

      • Only the North Eastern owns have the high IQs. The south east ones are not bright. They have better societies than niggers, but are equal to Mexican society.

      • Eastern Asians (those are the smart ones) have had fewer dysgenic effects on their society than Europeans have. Keep in mind, even 100 years ago the average European was smarter than now, primarily because we have a welfare state that provides defectives with financial support and medical aid.

        This does not exist in yellow countries – in China, most parents just abandon retarded babies, or abort them directly if they find out before that they’re defective. In North Korea, exterminating defectives is a systematic state policy. It’s not quite as bad in South Korea, Japan and Singapore, but even in those places, there’s a lot less welfare for retards or people who are generally dumber, so they’re less likely to reproduce, and expecting parents are much more likely to abort a defective child .

        Also – you have to keep in mind that the difference in average IQ is only about 5 points, so it’s really not much of a difference .

        EDIT: Yellow nations have explicit eugenics programs, something the jew won’t allow us to have because Hitler.

  8. These rayciss tests have to go. They’re rayciss!

  9. Diversity is worse for a White society than an atomic bomb. If you get nuked you can bury your dead and rebuild your buildings. Modern nukes have a lot less radiation so you can rebuild relatively quickly. But if you import a bunch of low IQ apes into your country you’re fucked. You can’t fix stupid.

  10. It’s amazing how muds still fail in school, especially in the internet/phone age. If they can’t Google answers, it has to be easy to cheat. I remember the days of actually having to use the library for research.

    • I remember the days when we had to use pencil and paper. Elementary students were even trained how to extract square and cube roots by a process slightly resembling long division. Computers were people not machines once upon a time. School children nowadays are not taught the multiplication table, let alone learn the multiplication table. It’s a long, sad list of thinking processes that have been thrown out by the PC crowd to make room for MLK day and other mental diseases. In regard to the use of one’s brain, it is either use it or lose it. Sadly, many niggers and other invaders never had it to lose. LOL!

    • My 8th grade was equivalent to 1st year college today.

  11. I heard white people drowned some Syrian kid the other day.

  12. Wow, who could’ve see this coming?

  13. Anyone with half a brain cell can tell you that importing dumb and poor people into your country makes your country, well, poor and dumb.

  14. I remember some years ago the Japanese Prime minister Nakasone said America’s average IQ was falling because of the increasing populations of Blacks and Mexicans. Predictably, there were screams of protest from the ACLU and others but Nakasone refused to apologised.

    • I remember that too. I thought that was a good observation, at the same time I felt insulted.

    • The same is happening in all white countries taking this filth.

    • Getting dumber is sometimes a blessing in disguise.

      The world’s happiest nations have among the most dumbest people yet they’re happy and carefree lots.

      You don’t attract bankers, scammers and criminals to your country because there’s nothing to offer them except trees and bushes.
      World’s Happiest Countries

      Panama, Costa Rica Puerto Rico Belize Guatemala? Top 10??

      The chase for knowledge and worldly material is only detrimental to men.

      • The American people are getting worse and worse. Even white people seldom value learning for its own sake, or for the sake of being useful to society, but only for emolument: access to the best jobs and highest pay. Our higher education system isn’t helping much; foreigners from mainland China and India come here to study economics and other fields, with the simple desire to live easily or comfortably.

        Those who study law and even medicine rarely act out of a sense of calling. They just want status and money, and they care less about protecting the weak or curing the sick.

        Unfortunately, there is a lot of propaganda designed to target the genuinely noble-hearted, in order to get them to direct their lives in a direction that accomplishes little good for us: sex education in Africa, civil rights legal organizations, immigration law firms, and suchlike. These are the men, who, if we still understood the Good, would be doing tremendous service for our peoples.

        I still know some old-fashioned intellectuals, but they are becoming quite old. One is a retired minister who is 87 years old, who talks with ease on matters of literature and culture with great erudition. He lives in what used to be called “genteel poverty” surrounded by countless old books, paintings, and photographs in an old house, catching dripping water leaks with pots and pans.

        What happened to the old class of poor scholars in China, who thought that a life of buying and selling was beneath their dignity and lineage, and who stoically endured poverty while giving their lives to letters?

        Unfortunately, we are both ruled by a mercantile class who only value what can be bought and sold, or displayed for status.

        • There are 2 fated consequences of nations today:

          1) If you’re overpopulated they say communism fits you best to contain your people. Citizens are treated like herds.

          2)If you’re one of those happy go lucky nations with plenty to spare but a declining birth rate with much resources, the world government will come and tell you that you need to be educated about “diversity”, now take these people and make your community vibrant to save yours.

          “Commie” core education is not going to help America or China. It’s going to dumb down the working class. What it aims is “compliance and obedience” to the ruling race.
          This is how they award the yuppies and high IQ individuals who thinks they way they wanted them to think.

          The key survivor nations that will prevail will probably be option 2 above with a society that is aware of the silent foreign invasion and only receive their own race that blends well with their own culture/identities.

    • For reference… (Based Japan knows the truth)

  15. Who would have guessed that bringing in hordes of low-IQs muds would have had this effect? At least the kikes feel safer with all the “diversity.” Thanks Jews.

  16. Linking test scores to brown people used to be thought-crime. Looks like Vox slipped on the narrative by mistake.

    Less than half of SAT takers are white in 2015. White percent of the SAT down 7% in just 5 years. So lets take this to assume at least over half of children in the US are from one of the invasive species, probably more as I assume whites are substantially more likely to take the exam.

    “In general, the trade-off of a slight decrease in scores for a more diverse pool of test-takers might not be such a bad thing.”

    Translation: “Don’t worry that the scores are going to shit because we are packing this country to the rafters with stupid brown freeloaders, diversity is an act of love, or whatever, get fucked whitey”.

    “students in American public schools are getting poorer and more diverse. SAT-takers are starting to look more like students in the country as a whole. In that context, slightly lower scores aren’t surprising.”

    Translation: “The country as a whole looks a whole lot less white and a whole lot more poor and brown. Test scores reflect this cultural enrichment by vibrant immigrants.”

  17. America is just getting less White

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