Communists Go Hysterical in Greek Parliament When Golden Dawn Asks About Their Finances!

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
October 18, 2015

As many of you already know,  The mainstream parties in Greece have been involved in scandal after scandal. The ruling party, SYRIZA has done the opposite of what it promised and increased austerity measures and signed another memorandum.

The result of this has led the Greek Communist Party “KKE” to see an opportunity since it avoided making alliances with the other pro-memorandum parties in the last elections.  They began to speak out against financial crimes and the effect on the workers in Parliament.

Then, in the video below Golden Dawn MP Giannis Lagos, pointed out the fact that KKE themselves refuse to be financially investigated, and that they sold their TV station and it’s frequency to an offshore company laying off many of its own “worker brothers”.

See what happens:

When confronted with their hypocrisy, as you can see in the video above they go into a hysterical rage, they get up to start to walk out of the parliament screaming “Murderer!” at Lagos.

Meanwhile SYRIZA member Giorgos Varemenos who presided over parliament called for security and screamed for the microphone of Lagos to be turned off in order not to further embarrass the Greek communists. The evidence of the false opposition of KK€ now becomes visible to the whole world.

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