Venezuela Border Clash Atrocity Hoax: Colombians Burned Their Own Truck with Ricochet Molotov

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2019

As you are probably aware, the US government is attempting to ship in “aid” trucks from Colombia into Venezuela.

Venezuela is cockblocking these aid trucks, as they view it as a precursor to a military intervention.

Three of the trucks caught on fire Saturday as they were held up at the border, and the US government is blaming the Venezuelans for burning them up.

However, in this video, you can clearly see that an anti-Venezuela protestor on the Colombian side of the border catches his own truck on fire after a molotov cocktail he throws toward Venezualan riot police ricochets. The fire then spread to the other trucks.

I have no idea how a molotov can ricochet like that, but you see the video. It’s from some Spanish-language news site, and does not appear to have been edited. The only thing I can figure is that the molotov was made in a plastic bottle, which one would imagine would defeat the purpose of such a device, but I can’t really say.

Here is a video fo the protestors on the Colombian side making molotovs.

They appear to be using regular glass beer bottles. I can’t really picture a beer bottle bouncing off a metal truck like that. But maybe they also had plastic ones.

They don’t appear to have purposefully burned up their own trucks, and they maybe didn’t even know they did that until they saw this video.

The fake president is claiming Maduro’s people burned the trucks.

The Guardian:

In a joint press conference with the president of Colombia, opposition leader Juan Guaidó said the military did not owe loyalty to regime that would burn food in front of hungry people. He called on them to leave their posts and said he would meet with the Lima Group and US vice president Mike Pence on Monday to work out a way forward on the crisis.

Maybe he hasn’t seen the above video?

If he has seen the above video, then he is just lying. This is atrocity propaganda.

Maduro’s National Guard did open fire with rubber bullets, and four people are dead. But this is just a situation of people literally trying to forcibly invade your country, I don’t really see how you can blame a man for shooting in that situation.

This situation was obviously created so that people would die, so that they could use those deaths to push for an invasion.

The fake president is meeting today with Mike Pence, apparently to plan an invasion.