Colbert’s Next! Pleas to Stop the Violence Cause Liberal Mob to Turn on HIM!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2018

Rachael Maddow’s long-lost dyke sister just made a huge mistake on Twitter.

This is a response to Antifa camping outside Tucker Carlson’s house and apparently threatening to kill him and his family.

Can you guess the response from his fans?

You get the gist of it.

And what’s funny is that he or whoever runs the account on Twitter is pruning the thread, because there were people straight up telling him to go fuck himself for cucking and their tweets were getting hundreds of likes when I first started writing the article, and they’re gone now.

Oh well. More will fill up his thread once they realize he’s deleting them. These libs are enraged that one of their own is breaking ranks, and if history has taught us anything, more often than not, rabble-rousers end up under the same guillotine as the people they once condemned.

And the bigger issue here is that these journalists and late night chat show personalities/celebrities have really whipped up a mob. And for a while, it seemed that the talking heads could control the mob, sic it on their political opponents and leverage it to win elections.

But now, these people are starting to realize that the mob is out of control and its anger now self-sustaining. They don’t need late night chats to keep their anger levels up because they’ve reached boiling point.

And Colbert’s a clever enough guy to understand the precedent that the Tucker attack just set. The leftist mobs are so worked up that they’ve lost their heads and now want to literally start chopping off the heads of their enemies!

For Colbert, that tweet was about self-preservation. He knows that once this behavior becomes normalized, it will start happening to libs like him too, and then will have RWDS storming his house.

But for now, he has to deal with the Twitter mob that he has incensed. 

Ask not for whom the shitlib comes, Colbert.

He cometh for you and your scoops, Stephen!