CNN Cuts Bernie’s Mic After “Fake News” Joke

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2017

CNN appears to have an auto-feature to cut your mic as soon as you call them fake news.

This automatic feature can’t tell if you’re joking like kike Bernie was.

Washington Examiner:

Sen. Bernie Sanders experienced a “technical issue” during a Friday interview on CNN after he made a joke that the news network was “fake news.”

Appearing on “Outfront,” the senator was asked to discuss reports that President Trump’s national security adviser, Mike Flynn, had discussed sanctions on Russia with the country’s ambassador the day before they were implemented by the Obama administration.

“This is a very troubling development,” the senator said, adding that it “speaks to the broader issue of Russia’s involvement in our elections” and “to the issue of President Trump being buddy-buddy” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he called “a thug and a murderer.”

CNN’s Erin Burnett showed him a clip showing Trump saying he hasn’t heard anything about new reports Friday contradicting Flynn’s assertion that he did not speak with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about sanctions in December.

Asked if this is a problem, Sanders’ response was: “Well I don’t know. Maybe he was watching CNN fake news. What do you think?” he said, to which Burnett laughed. “It was a joke,” he added.

Burnett replied, “I, I know it was a joke. I’m saying you don’t buy what he said obviously” — but the senator did not appear to hear what she said.

“Erin?” Sanders asked. “Are we on?”

Bernie needs to get it together.

This is like making a nigger joke, you know?

It’s not funny, you dirty communist kike!