Cloudflare Explicitly Condoning “Young City” Pedophile Chat and Other Pedophile Havens

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017

So here’s the deal: if you maintain absolute neutrality, as virtually all internet-backbone tech companies did before last week, you are not endorsing or condemning anything. However, when you begin censoring content for moral reasons – as Registrars GoDaddy, Google and Namecheap along with DDoS protection service Cloudflare started doing last week – you are then explicitly condoning all content you do not censor.

Cloudflare – along with GoDaddy and Enom – is now explicitly condoning pedophile advocacy.

This is a chat site for pedophiles, both boy and girl “lovers.” The site is registration only. These types of forums generally include location information on where to find children and watch them.

The homosexual pedophile wiki site BoyWiki gives this description of the site: is a new social network site (facebookish style) created for not only boylovers but also other Minor Attracted Persons and persons with “alternative sexualities”. The goal of this site is to bring the world of BL, GL, CL, diaper lover, and other alternative sexualities together in one place.

The site also allows pedophiles to arrange meetup events with one another.

“Virtuous Pedophiles” actually has its own Wikipedia page, and was written up in the New York Times by Margo Kaplan.This site is different from the above two sites which are protected by Cloudflare, as it does not openly promote sex with prepubescent children.

Ostensibly, the site is designed to promote the idea that not all pedophiles are child molesters, and so should not be hated by society, instead viewed as mentally ill.

You can take that as you like, but it should be put in the context that the exact same arguments were made about homosexuality before it was promoted as good and wholesome. Many, myself included, view this attempt to promote acceptance of pedophiles as victims of a mental illness rather than dangerous, diseased individuals, is a step on the road to normalizing the behavior.

I am absolutely certain that you could find more pedophile advocacy sites protected by Cloudflare if you looked, but it isn’t really necessary. The point is proven by two sites which support sex with children and one which claims that pedophiles are victims who should be accepted by society as long as they don’t touch children: Cloudflare, while viewing the Daily Stormer as so morally evil as to not deserve to be on the internet, views pedophile advocacy as morally acceptable.


It should be clear that discussions of pedophilia are currently viewed as protected speech, as is advocacy for the legalization of pedophilia. In fact, it is legal for men to write about places to go and look for unaccompanied children, as long as they don’t advocate committing crimes against the children (lawyer blog post about that here).

This is the sort of thing that is discussed on these sites: best places to watch children. Cloudflare endorses this as morally acceptable.

I also want to make it clear that I do not believe that basic necessary services such as these registrars and Cloudflare should involve themselves with anything to do with morality enforcement – I don’t think they should have banned these pedophile sites. Perhaps they could have donated the money they received from the pedophiles to a charity (they had been doing that with my payment for several months before the ban). But it simply is not the job of backbone internet services to be morality police.

The service that Cloudflare provides are basic utility services. I do not think that pedophiles should have their heat shut off either. Instead, they should be prosecuted by the law.

Pedophile Advocacy Should be Illegal

The legality of this speech is not a question for private companies. Obviously, I do not believe the government should allow this type of speech. The First Amendment should be interpreted as it was written. It had a clear meaning, which meant freedom of literary, artistic, political or scientific speech, and did not include obscenity.

Even now, the Supreme Court does not consider obscenity to be a First Amendment issue. In fact, according to the Miller Test, as established in Miller v. California, these pedophile chat sites are possibly already illegal. Bottom line for me personally: the framers of the Constitution clearly did not intend for it to be legal for pedophiles to publish materials on this behavior, so unless you believe in “living document,” there is no reason it should be legal.

But Here’s the Thing

Cloudflare decided to become the morality police when, for the first time in the company’s history, they banned someone from using their website due to their content being viewed as immoral.

And yet, here they are, continuing to protect pedophile advocacy sites. This means that Matthew Prince, the CEO of the company – who personally made the decision to ban the Daily Stormer – is explicitly condoning these sites, marking them as being within his company’s range of what is morally acceptable.

I think it is fair at this point to request that Matthew Prince and Cloudflare explain why it is they believe that advocacy for pedophilia is morally acceptable. Because the majority of Americans certainly do not share that view.

It should also be known that Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince also views ISIS terrorists as within the realm of what is morally acceptable.

“A Company That Polices Morality”

When CEO Matthew Prince decided to ban me, he became a company that polices morality. What he should have done is at the same time he announced he was banning me, he should have said: “we are now policing morality, here are a list of the types of sites we will now be banning from our services” and given a full explanation of this new direction the company is going in.

Instead, he said “we’re only banning Nazis because they’re assholes (we’re keeping the pedophiles and terrorists).”

An Option for Webhosts Who View Pedophile Advocacy as Morally Wrong

If you host a website that needs DDoS protection, but do not want to support companies such as Cloudflare which actively condone pedophile advocacy as morally acceptable, there is an option for you: Bitmitigate.

Bitmitigate is a content neutral DDoS protection site which does not take a moral position on the content that it protects. Unlike Matthew Prince, Bitmitigate CEO Nicholas Lim does not police the morality of his customers, and thus is not in a situation to condone pedophilia (or ISIS terrorism, which Matthew Prince condones as morally acceptable).

I encourage anyone who is disgusted by the idea child molestation to immediately cancel service with Cloudflare and sign up for Bitmitigate.

Although at time of writing, we are currently offline, we were using Bitmitigate for the brief period when we were on, and it worked just as well as Cloudflare.

This is not about me being angry. It is not about my beliefs. This is about the fact that Matthew Prince is running a company which explicitly endorses pedophile advocacy by choosing to protect pedophile advocacy sites even while he has made it 100% clear that he views it as his personal duty to police the morality of his users.

If you give money to Cloudflare, you are actively supporting people who organize and plan child molestation.

For those of you who are sick of child rapists and those that support them:

And Take Action! 

Though I don’t think anyone should ever support the pedophile/terrorist promoters at Cloudflare, we should also let them know what we think of their behavior, and demand that they cease supporting these terrorists and pedophiles.

You can contact them at this number:

+1 (888) 993 5273

If they refuse to answer your questions, just keep asking to speak to the manager.

You can also contact them on Twitter:


Ask them why they believe that pedophilia and terrorism are morally acceptable.

Ask them if any members of their staff, in particular Matthew Prince, are pedophiles. You may note that Matthew Prince has that classic “pedophile look” about him.

He’s the kinda guy who when he walks into a room, you feel an immediate need to get any children out of that room, you can tell them.

Ask the manager of the help line if he would leave his kids alone in a room with Matthew Prince, a man who looks like a pedophile and believes pedophile advocacy to be morally defensible.

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