Clinton’s IT Guy Asked Reddit How to Tamper with Evidence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2016

So, this infographic is floating around:

clinton email conspiracy

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People from r/The_Donald dug this up.

The media is picking up on it now. A little bit.

US News and World Review:

An army of reddit users believes it has found evidence that former Hillary Clinton computer specialist Paul Combetta solicited free advice regarding Clinton’s private email server from users of the popular web forum.

A collaborative investigation showed a reddit user with the username stonetear requested help in relation to retaining and purging email messages after 60 days, and requested advice on how to remove a “VERY VIP” individual’s email address from archived content.

The requests match neatly with publicly known dates related to Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Stonetear has deleted the posts, but before doing so, the pages were archived by other individuals.

“ARCHIVE EVERYTHING YOU CAN!!!!” a person wrote on a popular thread on the Donald Trump-supporting subreddit r/The_Donald, as the entries disappeared.

There are several reasons to believe the reddit user is indeed Combetta, who was granted immunity by the Justice Department during its investigation of Clinton’s private server after he deleted a large number of emails.

The evidence connecting Combetta to the account is circumstantial, but also voluminous. The inactive website is registered to the email address, a search of domain registration information using the service indicates. An account for a person named Paul Combetta on the web bazaar Etsy also has the username stonetear.

And, perhaps most damningly, there are the dates.

It is pretty much totally confirmed 100%.

But the media has ignored sooooooo many Hillary scandals so far, I don’t think they’re going to pick-up on this.

So spread the infographic far and wide. Force it into the public mind as one more felony committed by the Clinton administration.