Clinton’s Full-Court Press Against the Alt-Right

Atlantic Centurion
August 26, 2016


Clinton’s campaign speech in Reno, NV, did exactly what it had been foretold to do. She attacked Trump, the Alt-Right, and nationalism. Literally. One of the most powerful people in the world spoke for a half hour about an internet movement of White nationalist blogs and Twitter trolls. The Archbishop of the Catlady Ascendancy herself addressed the White heresy known as the Alt-Right. In the flesh. Are we winning the meme war or what?

There is too much in this speech for me to cover in a brief essay. But Clinton always manages to say so little in so many words that I can certainly convey it in less. If you want to read her bile, a transcript can be found here.

Essentially, what she vomited out was a third worldist rant. Every policy position and attitude that Clinton signaled came from a worldview that posits people of color and their interests are morally superior to Whites in any and all circumstances. Clinton made it clear that she was unequivocally on the side of blacks, mestizos, Muslims, illegal immigrants, and anchor-born Americans, and that opposition to immigration and support for “White identity” were completely unacceptable positions.

She uttered the phrase “White genocide,” then proceeded to talk about the merits of diversity. As we all know, diversity means less White people. So Clinton is a strong supporter of there being less White people. And of using Mexican proverbs to criticize Trump.

She linked nationalism and nativism to Putinist Russia, because former UKIP leader and Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has been interviewed on Russian state media and recently appeared at a Trump campaign event in the South. Curiously, she did not castigate US allies Israel or Japan for being nationalist and nativist countries.

Then there was the usual linking of nationalism to the KKK. I wish we were federally funded too. (Come on, someone hire me as an operative). Another ridiculous soundbyte was Clinton linking Trump to the Islamic State, because apparently wanting to keep out Muslims makes you a Muslim fundamentalist. Context denial par excellence. Meanwhile, in the same speech she rejected Trump’s hyperbolic claim that Obama “founded ISIS.” I guess Trump can literally be “ISIS” though, a welcome rhetorical change from being Literally Hitler™. Trump is the first Republican candidate to be equated with Wahhabi Islam as far as I know, which highlights how we are truly living in the current year. Hitler can finally RIP in piece all these years later.

In the end, a lot of her screeching wasn’t even about the Alt-Right. Clinton spoke at length about Breitbart and water filter salesman Alex Jones. She also complained about David Duke’s endorsement of Trump, which came from someone who predates the Alt-Right by decades. She quoted a Wall Street Journal article for most of her information on our views, and there was no engagement with the actual words of anyone from the Alt-Right movement. Perhaps Hillary and her handlers knew better than to direct people to Richard Spencer’s meme haircut and disarming foppishness, the academic tone of Counter-Currents, the top-notch humor of The Right Stuff, or the cutting commentary of Daily Stormer. I suppose I can’t blame her. For someone who complains about Trump being a liar, she loves a good strawman.

She also praised a cavalcade of cuckservative losers like Bob Dole and John McCain as being good Republicans. A good Republican is one who Democrats can beat. Never let the enemy set your ideological and moral parameters.

But what ultimately had me in stitches—other than an undercover shitlord pepe-bombing the speech—was Clinton’s appeal to sports multiculturalism. She made reference to the diversity of the American contingent sent to the Olympic Games in Brazil as part of her case against the Alt-Right. These athletes were said to represent all of us, which is true in a convoluted and transitive way. Because members of US ethnic groups were present at the Olympics, the team supposedly represented an American nation. But the American nation spoken of by cuckservatives and liberals doesn’t actually exist, as it has no shared heritage, history, and culture. It’s just the Weimerica Shopping Center. Come for the jobs, if you can’t find one get the gibs, and then stay for the diabetes. You don’t even have to assimiliate—just buy things we’ve imported from China and Bangladesh.

The athletes sent to international events by multi-ethnic states ultimately represent their ethnic groups more than their “nation.” This is why so many athletes with dual-citizenship end up competing for other countries like Saudi Arabia, but also why people who wouldn’t be here if not for (((Hart-Celler))) are able to wave the flag. The US Olympic team did represent America as a cosmopolitan racial stock exchange, but not as a people. I am not a third-place female Arab fencer and could never be one. But through the transformative power of sports multiculturalism, she is said to prove diversity works in the United States and represent all Americans.

Sports multiculturalism is a phenomenon that doesn’t get a lot of intellectual coverage in the United States, since it is most strongly associated with the “French” national soccer team. In 1998, France won the FIFA World Cup with a team largely comprised of Africans and Arabs. The team was Black-Blanc-Beur, a triracial afro-eurabian testament to integration. Commentators held this up as propaganda in favor of multiculturalism, because if a diverse “French” team could beat the world at sportsball, nothing was wrong with a diverse “France.” In 2005, France would experience a month of ethnic rioting in its Afro-Islamic suburbs that led to thousands of arrests and hundreds of torched automobiles. And then of course there has been all the recent  Islamic terrorism.

This is what Obama’s anointed successor has been reduced to. Sports multiculturalism. That’s how bad things are in America. By playing the sports multiculturalism defense, she’s equated the social situation in United States with one of the most alienated and fractured countries in the West, France. That was her final appeal to her listeners to stand against the “dystopian” Alt-Right nationalists. Muh sportsball. How long before Hillary hits the trail with beisbol players speaking broken English, or dindu footballers speaking in short grunts and rapes about “playing a good game”?

In Kek we trust, hear our prayer and deliver unto us content farmers a fresh meme.