Clinton’s Alt-Right Speech Today – Live on the Daily Stormer! [UPDATE – FULL SPEECH]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2016

Here’s the full thing.

I’ll be doing a review of it, and the responses – should be up late this evening.

Trump’s responded.

Original article follows.

hillary seizure

tfw you Google “Alt-Right memes”

Well guys.

We’ve made it.

Hillary Clinton is giving a speech about us today.

Of course, the kike media is on a rampage, reshaping their entire narrative from “the Alt-Right is a bunch of anti-Semitic neo-Nazis sending Auschwitz uniform photos to innocent Jew journalists” to “the Alt-Right is a vague nationalist ideology led by a homosexual Jew, and mostly everything they say is part of a big joke to piss people off for no reason.”

CNN did a piece yesterday.

And though I wrote up one WaPo article from yesterday, they wrote a second in the evening.


Entitled “What’s the alt-right? A primer,” the article  presents things I’ve never even heard of as part of the foundations of the Alt-Right.

I’m serious.

They mention something called “The Robert A. Taft Club,” a group from the 00’s founded by Richard Spencer and a half-Korean Jew named Marcus Epstein. I have heard of Epstein, but only vaguely remember hearing of this club. They quote Epstein as an expert/representive of the Alt-Right.




For the record, I don’t think Spencer is currently associating with this gookike.

The article does not mention Jews or anti-Semitism at all.

By the way, I’m not butthurt they’re not mentioning me. It has nothing to do with my ego. What I am concerned about is this blatant pivot in the way they are framing the narrative, which anyone with two brain cells to rub together is about removing anti-Semitism. They have come to the point where they realize the movement has gotten so big that they have to deal with it, and by using Milo and others who don’t talk about Jews as their appointed representatives of our movement, they can move public interest away from us.

They are also trying to confuse young people involved, who will get excited seeing this stuff on the media. They are making an offer “you can go mainstream, but you have to stop trying to stop these kikes.”

I believe that this is the result of decisions made by the ADL council that was organized to stop this website and anti-Semitic trolls more generally. It is clearly a coordinated campaign, which absolutely implies a directive coming from somewhere.

the goyim know convene the council

This council was made up of high level Jew journalists, as well as former federal law enforcement officials. Of course they are able to influence media at the highest levels.

Both the SPLC and the ADL have been nigh totally silent during this wave of media attention on the Alt-Right. Or, at least the media hasn’t been quoting them.

This isn’t going to stop.

They are going to put these soft figures on TV now. They are going to speak vaguely. They will not mention the Jews. Those who have been given media attention – having been chosen as leaders by the Jews media – will then try to assert themselves as leaders, begin trying to direct the movement.

And we will be run around, and end up back in the same place we were before.

Ah, but we can deal with all that later.

Right now, we’ve got something to celebrate.

Here we are.

Clinton speech.

Despite what the kike media is claiming, this is the victory of /pol/, The Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff.


I can’t find the exact time she’s supposed to give this speech. The doors open at 10:00 AM local Nevada time, which is 1:00 PM EST and 5:00 PM GMT. The speech will probably start an hour after that.

Here’s the live stream:

Use the comments thread below as a LIVE THREAD!