Church of Sweden Proclaims Christ a Queer in New Guidebook for Gay Christian Kids

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2019

There are literally no depths to which the Swedes will not sink to if it means getting a chance to blaspheme on everything that is good and holy in this world.


A diocese of the Church of Sweden has recently released a new guide for “Christian queer kids”, local news website Nya DagBladet reports.

According to the media outlet, the guide “contains definitions and concepts, a bit about the Bible and LGBTQ, as well as Bible stories that it claims are related to LGBTQ people”.

The definitions explored in the guide include terms such as like “cisperson”, “gender fluid”, “non-binary,” “queer,” “two sex norm” and “rainbow fairs”. The document also reportedly insists that the Bible is not against homosexuality.

“Jesus himself is described by the guide as a person who “broke the norm” and was “queer” for the way he lived his life, with the guide further claiming that he “did not defend the traditional family.”

Jesus not defending the traditional family?


Are these people joking?

Jesus defended everything that was wholesome and old school. He wasn’t a hippy revolutionary, he was a trad reformist. His whole message was that the Pharisees (proto-Jews) were pure evil and that they needed to stop being so Jewy and Satanic or else.

As for gays, well the truth of the matter is that Jesus hates you if you’re a fag. 

He didn’t die for you or for any of your shitty friends that you hang out with at the mall (or whatever it is that the gay kids do these days.)

In fact, Jesus spends most of his day pretending that you don’t even exist.

I too hate you.

The more these people blaspheme and go absolutely crazy with the anti-Christian stuff, the more I want to start taking Christianity seriously to spite these people.

God works in mysterious ways.

For every little twink he loses to faggotry, he gains a Neon-Nazi ready to pick up the cross and the fiery sword to cleanse the world of this degeneracy.

These people are straight-up blaspheming against Christianity. None of them are actual Christians, they’re just pretending they are to get the State benefits and subsidized housing that being associated with the Church of Sweden it gets you. In other words, it’s a scam. They’re literally atheists taking shots at religion – but not Islam, no sir, not now, not never – and doing it under the guise of creative scriptural reinterpretation.

Sputnik is a Russian site, no?

Hopefully, they pass this news up the chain and get it to the Orthodox Church.

They should declare a Crusade against Sweden already and annex the Ikea mines where they extract the furniture and claim them for Russia instead.

The invasion would pay for itself in no time.

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  1. Sweden is the inverted, upside down, inside out country. Anything they say or do – just the opposite is true. Jesus was Alpha+++ hetero and detested faggots and their faggotry. He took a whip to the kike Wall Street bankers of his day and sent them scurrying like the rats they are. Anti-faggot. Anti-kike. Pure Christian.

  2. It’s all particle board shit. Basically the meatloaf of wooden furniture. I mean it’s okay for bookshelves I guess, but if you want a desk that isn’t going to chip, mark and fall apart 15 seconds after you assemble it, you pretty much have to blow a couple grand, or if you’re a handy man, build it yourself out of solid wood. Black walnut is pretty aesthetic and grows everywhere in the Eastern half of America, I actually prefer it to mahogany.

  3. I suppose a mall in Sweden (or anywhere in Western Europe, really) is now way too dangerous territory for effeminate gay kids to hang around. You are certain to run into black and brown Mohammedan “kids” (read: thugs) who also hang out at the mall and, to say the least, do not have a particular liking for effeminate, physically weak, gay kids.

  4. MYNYM says:

    I’ve seen modern Christians that are thoroughly Judaized take everything that Jesus preached against supremacist/Pharisaic (later Talmudic) Jews and apply it to white kin groups. But they can’t say one word about Talmudic Jews here and now for fear of the Jews.

    Utterly stupid, totally destructive to our families. The sad irony being that Jewish Talmudists/criminals still hate whites that have been thoroughly Judaized anyway. They hate the white evangelical Boomer that supports Zionism for them. They hated Bush. They hate Trump. And the few Jews that work to influence and handle white goys like Bush view them as tools to help the “Jewish people,” with no sense of kinship.

    But anyway, all the gay stuff is as rabbinic as the old shit that they used to create Jewish identity and race. They’re using an innate sense of Logos rooted in Bios/biology and the “unclean” to manipulate for political reasons. They don’t actually care about Swedish gays that have been created in the image of the Jew being oppressed by white “Nazi” Christians, they care about Jewish identity and Jewish political power.

    And that’s why they hate Jesus and authentic Christianity, as it is a clear and total rejection of Jewish identity and their dream of establishing global political power over all nations/tribes/“goyim”. It is a rejection of Jewish identity at the root, with Judas playing the part of the Jew.

    And suddenly there were Gnostics everywhere… early David Ickes, talking about lizard people instead of Jews. Etc., the usual.

    But Jesus talked about Jews and even “the Jews” when he rejected their identity. Anyway, Logos on Bios: Screenshot_20190411-060956_Chrome

  5. Oh, I suppose. I’m a firm believer that rainbows should be given back to children. Disgusting that these demented creeps wrested it from them.

  6. fall apart 15 seconds after you assemble it

    Assuming you can get the damned thing assembled at all … Swedish blueprint, Chinese production

    With lots of gorilla glue needed at the end, and a bunch of left-over nuts, bolts, screws, and spindles

    As for Sweden, Nordfront is its only hope…

  7. Yep, the local Episcopalian church where I live has the rainbow fag, eh em, I mean flag, waving outside the building. All these 501 c3 tax exempt corporate churches are on the government dole. Being a full-time clergy is just a cushy government job; an alternative for SJWs whose PolySci and gender studies degrees didn’t amount to shit so they went to seminary.

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