Chinese Woman Surprised There are No White Guys in Paris

Diversity Macht Frei
April 4, 2018

“When I go to Paris, there is someone who stole my phone. . You know, I was so surprised because what I imagined is Paris is a very romantic city, so probably a lot of white guys is there. But, but! It’s actually all black people there!”

Watch the reaction of the brainwashed white guy she is talking to. He doesn’t want to hear these incorrect thoughts, playing to the camera as if he knew a commissar of political correctness was watching him.

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  1. She was looking for that white D.

    EDIT: Ok, I have just watched the video embedded here, on another browser as it won’t play back on the brave browser I am using, for some reason. (Maybe it has to do with some of my settings in the browser. Don’t know.)

    Anyway, the girl is playing with her hair. Like, how obvious does she have to be?
    She wants some love … .
    Did you see the mannerism of this faggot? What a faggot … . I mean, literally over the top feminine mannerisms.

    Poor chinese girl, tbh. I mean, is this how we want to be remembered by actual tourists / guests?!
    These faggots must not be allowed to talk to guests.

  2. Full on white faggot shown up by based Chinese lady hungry for Caucasian love juice.

  3. I think this “White” faggot is gonna have to settle for taking that negroid cock that he was so eager to defend now that he’s completely blown his chances with the young Chinese woman. WHAT A WEED!!

  4. That guys such a faggot

  5. “What does that have to do with anything” faggot.

  6. This guy cucks for the camera while she flirts and tries to have a conversation that goes deeper than weather/football/food.

    Basically, he rejects her for noticing.

  7. Bitch boy. Probably worships black cock. PC puke. Doesn’t deserve to be White.

  8. What a cucked faggot :face_vomiting:

  9. Why can’t I get some good conversation like that? I could of talked shit about niggers for quite a while with her. And…I would have gotten some. Well, probably. That guy she was talking too? What a fucking faggot.

  10. This is the average White male cuck.

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