Chinese Vet Shoots Up the Place, Kills Three White Women and Self

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2018

You know, our vets are not doing well.

George Bush drummed up all this patriotic fervor after the Jews blew up those towers on 911, then sent all our dudes over there to fight hajis and then ZOG pulled the rug from underneath them and stopped caring for them.

The Neocon psychopaths like John McCain and Hillary Clinton view these boys as tools to be chucked like spears at the enemies of the Jews, not as human beings.

It’s no wonder they have all these issues.

I mean, this was a Chinaman – Albert Wong – who killed three white women, so you can go with that race angle too, but the point about vets still stands.


The hostage crisis in California has ended, after the suspect and three hostages were discovered dead inside the veterans’ home in Napa County, authorities have confirmed, following an hours-long standoff.

“Shortly before 6pm this evening, law enforcement personnel made entry into the room where we felt the hostages were being held by the suspect, and unfortunately made the discovery of three deceased females and one deceased male suspect,” assistant chief Chris Childs, of the California Highway Patrol, announced at a 7:45pm news conference.

Police also searched the suspect’s vehicle for possible explosives, but nothing dangerous was found inside the car. Their investigation remains an ongoing one, Childs added, noting that there is “no threat to public safety.”

SWAT officers entered the room at Veterans Home of California in Yountville after several failed attempts to establish contact with the hostage taker. For about eight hours, officers kept the gunman isolated in one of the rooms of the facility, with hostage negotiators trying to reach him via his cellphone and facility landlines.

Authorities responded to an “active shooter” situation at 10:20am after it emerged that a gunman in body armor had taken over the veterans’ facility. The Napa County Sheriff’s deputy, who arrived at the scene within four minutes, engaged in a shootout with the suspect.

Speaking at an afternoon press conference, Childs noted that it was the County Sheriff Department officer who helped save peoples’ lives by taking on the armed intruder. We can “credit him for saving the lives of others in the area by eliminating the ability of the suspect to find further victims,” he noted.

Following the shootout, authorities called in reinforcements including an FBI team. Police evacuated the property and closed off nearby roads. An armored police vehicle, ambulances and several firetrucks were sent to the facility, home to around 1,000 veterans.

While police have yet to reveal details of what led to the death of three people, reports indicate that the incident happened during a fundraising event. The armed man reportedly interrupted a going-away party and staff meeting at the northern California veterans’ home. While the majority of people managed to flee, the gunman forced the rest of them to stay.

Here are pictures of the dead.

We need to ask ourselves what the hell is going on in this country.

It’s a question that needs a swift and radical answer.