China Fights Back Against Soy Occupation Government, Bans Bean Import!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2019

You know that China is getting serious in its fight against American State-Promoted Soy Boyism when they start banning America’s evil genetically-modified and sentient soy beans.

They’ve seen what Sentient Soy has done to America and they want to nip this in the bud (literally).

“Not in my China,” says they.


The world’s biggest soybean consumer, China, has ordered state-grain buyers to stop purchases of the product from the US in response to the latest Washington tariffs, Bloomberg reported citing people familiar with the matter.

China boosted the imports as a goodwill gesture when the leaders of the two countries agreed to halt the tariff row late last year. Back then the move provided some relief to a significant part of Trump’s voter base, the American farmers, who are struggling to find buyers for their massive harvest. The renewed Chinese ban can hit them hard, given that soybean futures have recently slumped.

Farmers are complete and irredeemable scum. Worse than taxi drivers. The absolute lowest of the low. I can’t stress this enough: they are absolutely vile people.

Farmers sponsor and hire millions of illegals to pick their crops every single year.

They import thot-killers. 

You can’t tell me that they’ve ever supported closed borders. Their whole business is based on exploiting cheap labor and instead of doing the somewhat more ethical thing and just investing in better machinery, the American farmer has historically just lobbied the government to allow more Mexicans to come in.

Worse, they poison the soil and create shitty food with their Monsanto seeds and cancer-inducing weed-killer and all this stuff that is designed to squeeze just a tiny drop of profit more. Even worse, they’re all a bunch of bloated Boomers with pot bellies.

The American farmer is a joke.

Fuck them. This is a Cowboy nation, anyway. Meat and dairy, not corn and soy, make a strong nation. Grains will be banned in the ethnostate.

If China puts thousands of evil big corporation farmers out of work, that will only be good for China and for the United States.

If we were worried about trade wars with China, perhaps we shouldn’t have given them all our rare earth materials, manufacturing capacity and built an economy based on feeding them cheap soy.

I’m tired of hearing about how important farmers are for America.

They’re not.

They don’t hire Americans and they salt the earth for future generations who will undoubtedly live in a dust bowl-type of situation because the underground aquifers will be all used up.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you, farmers.

I hope the Chinese squeeze you out of business and their reign of tyranny and never-ending government subsidies ends forever.

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